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Welder London Ontario with Welding Shop and Passion to Welding Services & Technology

JW Portable Welding & Repairs, welder in London Ontario with a welding shop in outskirts of London, has provided welding services to clients since 2013. The owner’s house is located on Westmount, western – southern part of London and you can visit him there to discuss your project. You can also drop some small parts for repairs there. However, please call prior coming. Moreover our small shop is located on the outskirts of city of London and although it is a small welding shop it serves us well. JW Portable Welding & Repairs is a small but technologically advanced welding company employing only certified welders.

Since beginning, JW Portable Welding & Repairs have strived to bring increased convenience of quality welding services to you and bring quality welding repairs to our beautiful London Ontario. We have worked hard to improve project’s communication and we have excelled in adjusting our welding services to your requirements. However, the major improvements to our services have always been rooted in excelling in modern welding technology.

Call us, text us or email us for traditional and advanced welding services. And leave us your feedback on our google profile.

Mobile Welding, Portable Welding, Welding Shop in London Ontario

Presently, welder in London Ontario can come to your house, commercial and industrial facilities to perform high quality welding on small, medium size, and large projects. These projects could involve welding of mild steel, stainless-steel and aluminum on customer’s site.

Mobile welding does not connect to your power

More importantly, our mobile welding units do not have to connect to power in your facilities. Therefore, your do not have to worry about cables running through your house or commercial facility that could pose a safety hazard. Our mobile units are equipped with diesel self-propelled welding machine that provides power for welding process.

Portable welding does connect to your power & offers more advanced welding services

Our portable welding unit performs more advanced welding for welding of dies and mold welding repairs. The portable welding unit’s services are also recommended for the on-site fabrication projects. The portable welding unit contains multiple portable welding machines utilizing latest technologies of GMAW and GTAW, as well as more advanced SMAW. Our portable welding unit also travels to client’s location to perform the welding services for our commercial and industrial clients. The portable welding unit provides demanding services throughout Ontario. Clients book these services much in advance. Please note, we connect our portable welding machines to power in your facilities. The connecting cables are clearly marked and they do not extend outside our designated area in your facilities.

Small welding shop in London Ontario

Due to our relatively small welding shop, we only provide metal fabrication services of small mechanical structures and custom precise fabrication. These projects could involve steel fabrication, stainless steel fabrication and aluminum fabrication. The weight of these structures should not exceed the weight that can be moved comfortably by two workers.

Expect These Project Stages from your welder in London Ontario

  1. First, call / text or email your welder
  2. Client delivers pictures, drawings and sketches
  3. Welder’s initial visit
  4. Delivery of our estimate
  5. Client approves our estimate
  6. Scheduling of welding services
  7. Delivery of welding services
  8. Client’s opinion about our services

Call, text or email your welder located in London Ontario

New clients usually call me or send me text messages to the phone number clearly visible on this page. Also new clients can send emails to me via email address that is visible on this page. Alternatively, clients can send emails through Contact page along with specification of project type. In response, I tend to ask specific questions regarding project location, materials welded and thicknesses of materials welded.

Client delivers pictures, drawings and sketches

Your project serious inquiry begins with your pictures and your drawings or sketches. Alternatively, we can generate the necessary sketches or drawings, if the project value is substantial. We accept these images via text messaging, email and through dropping large files on our Contact page. After analyzing your images, we could possibly call you to ask for more clarification regarding some details. We could also ask for your schedule demands since we would like to accommodate your demands to our scheduling.

Welder’s initial visit

My initial visit is very important for your project’s success. I tend to visit our new clients and I visit old clients with new projects. In fact, I visit you to develop more inside into your project’s requirements. This visit allows me to recommend welding technology used in your project and recommend welding rods or wires. During this visit, I will present number of choices for your project that refers to project’s durability and resistance to expected forces. In fact, in our disposal we have very basic welds, impact resistance welds, flexible welds, vibration resistance welds and many others. Therefore I will provide you with multiple choices ranging from basic and least expansive to more advance and more costly. As always, you will decide what is best for your project but at least you will be inform properly about your choices.

Moreover, in my initial visit I make notes regarding potential safety hazards and I take proper dimensions for material needed. Finally, at the end of the visit, I will tell you how much our welding service will cost and approximately how long will it take to accomplish your project.

If your project is in need of our portable welding services, my visit allows me also to determine type of electrical plug needed for our machines. The initial visit not only clears many of our client’s questions but more importantly allows us to be more prepared when we arrive to your place and start working on your project.

Welder’s initial visit is free of charge in London city limits

My initial visit in London Ontario is free of charge for every customer since I am traveling within the London city limits. Therefore all initial visits to clients in all subdivisions of London such as Westmount, Byron, Highland, White Oaks, Westminster, Longwoods, Oakridge, Southcrest, Wortley, Glen Cairn, Old East Village, Argyle, Huron Heights, Curling, Sunningdale, Hyde Park and University Heights are free of charge. However, new customers with projects located outside of London Ontario will have to compensate us with a small travel fee.

Delivery of our estimate

After my initial visit, I will provide the quote delivered through text messaging or email. Estimates of large projects demanding more sophisticated quoting are delivered through email on company’s letterhead. And, I use text messaging for delivery of quotes for small projects. There is no need to rush with approval of my quotes. Please, follow your standard decision making process.

Client’s approval of our estimate

New clients always ask me if we can come today to their premises to perform some welding without telling me what it is. Others are more interested in fabrication in our welding shop in London but still want us to perform welding on their premises ASAP. We are ready to provide comfortable scheduling to our clients shortly after approval of our estimates. Due to miscommunication that has occurred in the past , we now require your written confirmation of approval via text message or email. Unfortunately, all projects have to be approved prior sending welder to your premises. In the same manner, all projects have to be approved prior landing in our welding shop in London Ontario. In scheduling of your service we do not provide preferences. However old clients and clients who handle emergency services receive priority.

Many residential clients ask us why do we insist on approval of our estimate even in urgent situations. These urgent situations force us to provide our estimate based on your pictures alone since there is not time for my initial visit. The answer is very simple indeed. Based on our experience clients change their minds very often and cancel their projects or postpone their projects. Occasionally, clients for our mobile welding services with projects at more distant locations of about 100 km away from London Ontario tend to choose more local welders to provide mobile welding services to them. Therefore, until we do not receive the written approval we do not send a welder to you and we do not begin your project in our welding shop in London.

Scheduling of welding services

In scheduling of our welding services we try to adjust our schedules to your demands and to your schedule. Our flexibility of scheduling depends on welding service your require and/or potential involvement of materials. The mobile welding service without use of extra material is probably the easiest to schedule. However, this service depends on weather conditions since we do not weld during the rain. Any ordering of material for mobile welding automatically extends the scheduling. Our suppliers require 3-4 days for delivery of material to your project.

Portable welding service of complex alloys, possible tests of welds or test of other mechanical components involves monitored scheduling. Within the monitored scheduling, we keep informing client about project progress and our reediness to perform the service.

Scheduling of metal fabrication is relatively easy. It only depends on flow of projects in our welding shop in London Ontario and delivery of material to our shop.

Delivery of welding services by welder in London Ontario

We practice what we say, and we deliver what we promise. The delivery of our welding services involves best welding practices, safety policies and Covid-19 policies.

JW Portable Welding & Repairs – Best Welding Practices

We approach each project with respect and therefore we come to your place prepared with:

  1. proper auxiliary tools such as grinders, saws, torches ect.
  2. welding machine that will deliver proper welding technology for your project
  3. welding consumables that involve agreed welding rods or wires
  4. proper abrasives for your project
  5. proper safety equipment and supplies

Projects that require preheating will be preheated to the designated temperatures prior welding. And, project that require extensive chemical cleaning will be cleaned prior welding. The welder providing the welding services in your project is highly trained with multiple certifications. In case of portable welding projects involved variety of metal alloys, this welder has performed welding tests in our shop on same material.

We also take multiple pictures of your project prior, during and after our welding to document our performance. In cases of more complicated and large welds, we will be taking pictures of welds “layer by layer”. These pictures belong also to you since you are the project owner. You can ask us at any time to provide you with the full set of pictures for your project. Your inquiries are completely justified. You could question the presence of hidden welds or crack welding techniques or preheating parameters. We provide full project documentation to clients and their agents on demand. No questions asked. We will deliver these documents in timely manner via email.

Safety policies

As professional tradesmen, we will be in charge of safety policies during our delivery of welding services. The welding process generates multiple hazards such as fumes, flashing, heat, noise and fire hazard. It is our duty to protect ourselves, your employees, our property, your property, and sometimes pedestrians against these hazards. The initial visit determines how we can control and/or mitigate the hazards associated with welding process. And, in fact with the whole welding service.

Sometimes we encounter working on heights and associated fall hazard. Falls significantly contribute to injuries and deaths of workers in Ontario and we have to mitigate this hazard. We are fully trained in this mitigation process that involves appropriate safety equipment. Working on heights contributes to increased cost of your project.

In addition, we are experienced in welding in confined spaces. In such instances, we take liberty to designate the space where the welding will commence as a confined space for the duration of welding. We will also insists on having our trained employee to become the designated confined space watchman.

In our, and in our clients interest is to maintain control of all hazards during our presence on your projects. The control of hazards and safety aspect of the project increases the project’s cost. However, we will not sacrifice our safety standards in order to accomplish your project. Clients are welcomed to take upon themselves to improve controls of hazards generated through welding and grinding. Your efforts will reduce our project estimate. Lack of client’s interest in hazards control ultimately eliminates our contribution to your project.

Covid – 19 policies

JW Portable Welding & Repairs follows Ontario provincial government guidelines. These guidelines affect our mobile welding, portable welding and in shop welding services in London Ontario and in all projects throughout the province. Certainly, welder in London Ontario follows the Covid – 19 restrictions in projects in London. This is obvious. However, we will adjust our responses to accommodate local restrictions where project is located.

Therefore occasionally we have to postpone projects demanding our presence in non-essential projects. We will also mitigate our presence in essential projects in order to eliminate direct contact between your employees and our crew. And, in fact, eliminate direct contact between project’s owner and our welder. All project’s communications during the lockdowns will be conducted by phone and video conferencing. Additionally, we will increase our tarped area for portable welding services that include on – site fabrication by additional 50%. Moreover, we will increase ventilation of the area using our fans.

For detailed updates of our Covid – 19 policies visit our google profile .

Client’s opinion about our welding services

You are welcomed to leave feedback on JW Portable Welding & Repairs’ google profile regarding our performance. Your feedback and recommendations are important to us to keep improving our welding services and the way how we deliver them to our clients.

JW Portable Welding & Repairs – Welding Services in London Ontario

Here is a complete list of services we offer to our clients in London and throughout Ontario.

  1. on-site mobile welding, this is the most popular of our welding service
  2. on-site portable welding, the most technologically advanced portable welding service offered to industrial and commercial clients.
  3. in shop and on-site metal fabrication including stainless steel welding and aluminum welding,
  4. line boring and bore welding,
  5. on-site and in-shop metal epoxy resin service,
  6. on-site industrial corrosion service including aluminum corrosion, and
  7. preventative maintenance programs where our technological advantage is beneficial.

Welding on client’s premises

Many new clients want us to come to them and perform welding on their premises due to variety of reasons. These reasons include project’s control, size of heavy equipment, and difficulty to remove the damaged part. Most often, however they require us to weld on unmovable structural elements. If you require welder in London Ontario who will come to you, JW Portable Welding & Repair is your first choice. We will come to you with following welding services:

  1. mobile welding on customer’s premises for a relatively shorter welding session and less complicated welding repair
  2. on – site portable welding on customer’s premises for a relatively longer welding session and for more complicated welding repair on complex alloys
  3. on – site fabrication for complex fabrication of structures. Our service usually relates to structures that must be fitted or aligned to the existing machinery and heavy equipment

Moreover, many projects require fabrication in our welding shop in London Ontario with additional alignment performed on your premises. And this we can manage too. Since we are certified millwrights, we manage complex and precise welding projects very well. This is how we were educated and trained. Please visit special projects section to develop greater inside regarding our capabilities.

Welding services in our welding shop in London Ontario

Although, many clients want us to come to them, still many clients want us to fabricate structures in our welding shop in London Ontario. In fact, many clients who have technical drawings wants us to fabricate different metal structures. And still others want us to repair something in our welding shop. It is important to realize, that we specialize in precise and complex metal fabrication in aluminum, stainless steel and mild steel.

Our welding shop in London Ontario specializes in vibration resistant welds, abrasion resistant welds and chemically resistant welds. Moreover, in our welding shop in London, we weld professionally cracks in welds and cracks in metal. Our welding shop’s reputation depends on long utilization of your project. Therefore, we put at most effort to increase the project’s utilization through proper selection of welding technology, proper selection of welding consumables and correct selection of abrasives. Quality of welding process matters if you care about your project’s utilization period. Simply put, if you want to use your expensive equipment for a long time than do the repair right.

It is important to realize that due to relatively small size of our welding shop and due to our millwright’s mechanical background we specialize in:

  1. prototype building,
  2. precise steel fabrication,
  3. aluminum fabrication,
  4. stainless steel fabrication,
  5. custom metal fabrication that will require on – site modification or alignment
  6. metal art projects

Our more advanced welding services offered by welder in London Ontario

We provide very advance welding services on premises of our clients using portable welding unit. However, the most complex welding repairs go to our welding shop in London. In fact, most often these welding repairs involve:

  1. very thin and very thick aluminum cast repair,
  2. dies weld repair,
  3. complex steel cast repair,
  4. any iron cast repair,
  5. testing of custom welding procedures,
  6. destructive testing of welds,
  7. leak testing prior welding and leak testing after welding.

Innovative and practical fabrication designs

Equally important, for our effectiveness in complex welding projects that could involve extensive modifications or re -fabrication of mechanical structures are our innovative and practical fabrication designs. These innovative and practical fabrication designs are based on:

  1. equipment modification and alignment,
  2. extensive cracks repair analysis,
  3. strong mechanical engineering and
  4. extensive knowledge of metallurgy

Notably, the same factors influence re – fabrication of complex structures encountering bending and deflections. These steel structures definitely require our innovative approach and practical fabrication designs too.

With this in mind, our innovative designs build upon metal stress analysis and joint resistance analysis. Furthermore, we also analyze thermal expansion for warpage analysis and the element resistance to chemical reactions . In the light of these analysis, we provide practical solutions to change joint design and/or change elements’ positions. We also recommend to increase tolerances and/or use different alloys in case of warpage mitigation. Moreover, we respond to severe damages of elements due to chemical reactions by

  1. implementation of surfacing welds
  2. recommendation of protective epoxy layer
  3. recommendation of metal spraying.

In fact, we do many of these activities on your premises or we manage the services provided by others at tolerable costs . Ultimately, practicality is paramount for us.

Welding services’ advancements

Particularly, due to our welding services’ advancements and our extensive mechanical background, we undertake the most difficult and sophisticated projects. These projects usually require use of advanced welding technologies of SMAW, GTAW or GMAW on variety of metal alloys. More importantly these projects also require at least basic understanding of structural and mechanical stress. Moreover, these projects also require precise mechanical assembly and practical joint re – design to minimize cracking of welds and metals.

In other words, since we focus on quality and innovative solutions, we tend to test everything we do. Therefore, we avoid mistakes by testing metal alloys prior welding on your project. We also test our repairs prior delivery of your project as well. Moreover, we test advanced welding consumables prior use. The testing of advanced welding consumables include testing technologically advanced welding rods and wires, and testing technologically advanced abrasives. Most importantly, your designated welder in London Ontario trains on same alloys in similar setup prior welding on your project. This test is the most important from all tests since such approach eliminates experimenting on your project. Obviously, we then test the weld done by this welder. Most importantly, we do not cut corners since cutting corners lead to serious mistakes.

JW Portable Welding & Repairs is a designated welder for :

Long term client

Welder in London Ontario repairs small parts in welding shop

The small parts repairs service is severely affected by Covid-19 restrictions. Please contact us for updates prior delivery of small parts. If you deliver small pieces to our welding shop in London, we will offer a price discount for all repairs. However, recently we have established minimum value for small repairs order. Simply put, the overwhelming response to this service interferes to much to our main services.

As a condition, the broken parts must be small and easy to handle by one man. These small parts include:

  1. Dismantled and expensive automotive parts
  2. Broken toys.
  3. Damaged tools.
  4. Broken fixtures.

Small parts that are not pick up within 2 weeks will be disposed. Therefore, please inform us of a planned pick-up schedule.

Payment policies

JW Portable Welding & Repairs, welder in London Ontario and our welding shop, do not facilitate any payments through this website. All payments are conducted through P.O.S. on side or called in, wire transfers and certified cheques.

Payment for Mobile & Portable Welding Services

In case, you wander what is our payment policy, here are some payment rules to follow:

  1. we require payment right after we finish the project to customer’s satisfaction. In this way, we collect payments for all small jobs accomplished on customer’s site and “in place”. The payments are realized by cash or credit card.
  2. all new customers pay with credit card or e-transfer after the job is finished disregarding the project’s location,
  3. we use markup on all project’s materials of 25%. Sometimes, we require advance deposit for materials that can be realized by payment with a credit card,
  4. services that last longer than a week could be invoiced on weekly bases and become payable right after receiving. Most importantly, any lack of payment causes immediate stop of work.
  5. construction companies will be required to maintain deposit and then pay the outstanding amount with the credit card. Moreover, your deposit will be returned after our services are no longer required. This policy was introduced due to the notorious difficulties to collect payments from clients in the construction industry.

Welding Shop Payment for manufactured or fabricated products in our welding shop in London Ontario

Most importantly, our welding shop in London Ontario payment policy follows the policy of any grocery store in this province. And, we require payment for all fabrication products and manufactured products when clients take possession of products.