Custom Metal Fabrication – Preparation Stage

BY admin | PUBLISHED: Mar 27, 2021

The custom metal fabricator in its custom metal fabrication project chooses custom metals for the project due to their physical and chemical properties and other mechanical components such as toggle clamp. From a custom metal fabricator’s point of view, the project require more advanced welding machines, custom metal welding consumables that include abrasives and welding […]

Metal Fabrication Supporting Aluminum Cast Mold

BY admin | PUBLISHED: Mar 24, 2021

Every metal fabricator sometimes finds interesting metal fabrication projects and for me metal fabrication supporting a canoe’s aluminum cast mold was the one. It has involved a custom metals and on site fabrication and without any doubt it was our most complicated fabrication of 2020. And, it has become our flagship project for 2020 year. […]

Aluminum Cast Damages – Initial Analysis

BY admin | PUBLISHED: Mar 24, 2021

The aluminum cast damages as well as its steel support’s damages form the foundation for aluminum cast repair and fabrication of new steel support. First, we must analyze damages in both, aluminum cast and in its steel support structure. Second, we must find correlations and interactions between these damages to develop a constructive solution plan. […]

Aluminum Mold Damages – Structural Support Solutions

BY admin | PUBLISHED: Mar 24, 2021

In my opinion, the designer of steel fabrication of a support for a large aluminum casting mold must answer to challenges created by known goals that will also include aluminum repair. And he/she should find the answers where damages to the large aluminum mold have happened. It helps a lot if you can notice “the […]