Innovative products with weldments

Innovative products of JW Portable Welding (2020), arm of JWD pushcart to fight Mildew and Botrytis, teleposts, display stand with acrylic box, and door security bar installed on steel door

Innovative ideas breed innovative product’s weldments. In fact, the technological innovation stimulates growth of our company in welding and epoxy glue businesses. With this in mind, we cherish innovative ideas.

Following this trend, we have started to manufacture innovating products with weldments. In particular, we manufacture, assemble and distribute innovative products that are practical and useful. These tested by us products impact the industry of our clients. We offer customized and innovative products for:

Indeed, welding technologies form the core of our business at JW Portable Welding & Repairs. Customized fabrications has led us to development of weldments that we categorize as products. These product weldments are still customized a little to particular client’s needs. However, weldments’ customization does not involve degree of customization in custom fabrication. And, therefore we treat them as unfinish products. These weldments form the core of our innovative products.

Our innovative products contain weldments and other materials

Aside of weldments our products often contain other non-metal materials such as acrylic (plexiglass), UV lights, and wooden planks. However, our weldments are from steel material in flats, HSS, rods and sheet metal in different thickness. Here is the link to our supplier

It is important to realize that innovation of our products in essence refers to innovation of weldments, and especially to their forms and their functionalities. As skillful fabricators with mechanical backgrounds, certified millwrights, we tend to fabricate movable weldments. Or, at least weldments with some movable parts. Also, since we do variety of metal art projects, we tend to decorate weldments that have some recreational purpose.

The functionalities of our innovative products

The functionalities of our innovative products is rooted in the needs of our customers that involves some degree of customization. Another key point is that or innovative products change the way our clients operate their businesses. Way our customers perform tasks or workers perform their tasks. Our products impact also how they approach opportunities and mitigate risks.

Most of our manufactured products are based on old, practical and useful technologies. These technologies go through our innovative ideas process to make innovative products. Therefore, all our innovative products contain technologies that work. But, our innovation changes the application of these technologies. Moreover, all our manufactured products go through some customization process prior delivery to our customers. The customization process allows us to make the short production series for clients that fit exactly their unique needs.

The manufacturing process for our products involves fabrication, electrical and mechanical work. Additionally, we install our products or components manufactured by others. We also frequently also distribute innovative products manufactured by others. With this in mind, we distribute only these products from other manufacturers that offer some kind of customization.

Moreover, we source our suppliers in following order: Canadian suppliers, American Suppliers and Asian suppliers. Furthermore, we have also tendency to change and modify the standardized supplied products to fit our requirements.

Customization process of innovative products manufactured by us

Our customization process focuses on innovative product’s multi-functionality or specific task functionality. Most importantly these aspects influence the designs of our weldments. The multi-functional products and specific task products do require different skill level and different flexibility level from a product designer.

The customization process often motivates us in development new innovative ideas. The customization process initiate innovative ideas in regards of improvements of the existing products or to build new innovations.

Multi-functional and innovative products with our weldments in their core

The customization process helps our clients to utilize all functions of our multi-functional products. Therefore customization makes our products more practical and useful to them. Also, increasing the number of functions/tasks the product can perform increases the product’s appeal to customer

Innovative pushcart with UV lights to fight bacteria, viruses and powdery mildew

The customization of multi-functional product such as presented below cart serves as an excellent example of increased product’s tasks. This push cart eliminates powdery mildew on cannabis or vegetables in greenhouses . Additionally, it can be used to eliminate bacteria and viruses in hospitals in areas where continues presence of UV lights is undesired.

The prototype presented below contains a weldment of a pushcart with a column on top and special UV lights. Equally important for functionality of this cart is a possibility to change UV lights from lights eliminating powdery mildew to UV lights eliminating viruses and bacteria.

Innovative product to fight bacteria, viruses and powder mildew based on our weldments of a push cart. JW Portable Welding & Repairs 2017, London, Ontario
Innovative product to fight bacteria, viruses and powder mildew based on our weldments of a push cart. JW Portable Welding & Repairs 2017, London, Ontario

The multi-functional characteristics of our product is based on attachments to the main unit. The client chooses the customization of the main unit and then chooses the customized attachments. Although, customization of the attachments does not usually involve major redesigns, they sometimes create potential structural destabilization risks.

Battery and pushcart attachmnets

You could consider to add a rechargeable battery to this pushcart in order to supply power to these lights and make the cart more comfortable in operation. In this case, we would have to modify the weldment of this cart to make room for the battery. However, it you plan to add some extension arms to the cart to position the lights differently than this could potentially destabilize the cart.

The customization makes our products less costly since our client does not have to purchase many new units. We achieve these savings through supply of attachments mounted on the column of this cart. Therefore this cart not only can project UV light horizontally but also vertically down to floor and up the ceiling.

Here is more about our pushcart with UV lights

Innovative wood burning fire pits with emotional appeal and grill

Burning wood fire in a fire pit combines the pleasure of spending the evening with friends and family with emotional appeal rooted in our psychology. Looking at the fire we deliberate our values, remind ourselves of our fortunate times. And, sometimes resolve issues hidden from others. For many of us wood burning creates emotional appeal. In the light of these emotions, we fabricate weldments of wood burning fire pits that increase the emotional appeal. Additionally, we fabricate weldments of wood burning fire pits that not only increase the emotional appeal of wood burning fire but also allow you to grill food or make shish kabob.

Here is more about our wood burning innovative products.

Innovative products and weldments for specific task

Sometimes the customization of product focused on specific task requires subcontracting engineering services. And, this could be rather costly. The customization process focused on task enforces specific requirements demanded by engineering standards. In other instances the customization of weldments used for specific tasks is rather challenging since all elements of the weldment have to be changed. And, therefore a completely new weldment must be created. 

Jack Posts (teleposts) weldments.

JW distributes these Jack Posts or as some call them teleposts among construction contractors in London area and Southern Ontario. Since we do not fabricate these weldments we can not modify them as you want. More importantly, these jack posts are available in multiple sizes and all sizes can sustain loads up to 30, 000 lbs.

We distribute jack posts, teleposts, manufactured by others. JW Portable Welding & Repairs, 2018 London, Ontario
We distribute jack posts, teleposts, manufactured by others. JW Portable Welding & Repairs, 2018 London, Ontario

Contribution of engineering services plays a paramount role into customization of jack posts. The professional engineer approval makes this products legal to distribute since they meet the standards enforced by professional engineer’s drawings and recommendations. The unapproved modification of our jack posts that suite particular task is prohibited.

Look up more info. about distribution and sizes of our jack posts here

Display stand with acrylic box and metal roof

These display stands are perfect not only to display art in natural environment but also to create shrines in natural environment. The acrylic boxes placed on the steel weldments are bolted to the plate on the top of the posts. In order to eliminate cracking of acrylic we use rubber washers. Moreover, the roof weldment is attached to the acrylic box by stainless steel bolts and can be secured with a padlock.

The modifications of our display stand could involve the height of the steel post weldment, its decorations, and stabilization attachments in the ground. Moreover, we can modify the size of the acrylic box to the size of the sculpture and/or other art.

You can find more information about our innovative display stands here. Additionally, we can furnish written references at your request. Please contact us for more info.

Security innovative products and their weldments

The innovative products to increase the your property security are gaining attention of homeowners and commercial clients alike. Since we not only fabricate these weldments but also install them in variety of settings, our products supported by installation service are gaining attention. These products secure doors and windows from inside or outside.

The steel door security bar is gaining attention of warehousing industry with many warehouses experiencing the break-ins. Our steel door security bar is a strong weldment that you can install from inside. This bar prohibits opening of the steel door when the bar is engaged.

Equally important are weldments protecting windows and entrance doors of many businesses. That is why we provide more customized window security grills and door security grills. It is worth mentioning that we make our grills from thick wrought iron and our designs make cutting the grills difficult.

The guardrails for multilevel garages are our new product. This guardrail weldment contains HSS elements in thickest categories and also includes very heavy bar rods. Again, since we install them ourselves, you can be assured that they will fit to the openings perfectly. These guardrails go through extensive process of customization prior installation in the multilevel garage

Security weldments such as guardrail, window grill, door grill, and metal door bar fabricated by JW Portable Welding & Repairs 2020 London, Ontario
Security weldments such as guardrail, window grill, door grill, and metal door bar fabricated by JW Portable Welding & Repairs 2020 London, Ontario

Our benches with metal legs.

Our benches with metal legs turn attention on the streets. Not only they differentiate your business on the street but also they signalize that you care about the community. These benches are available in variety of length sizes and colors.

The outdoor bench distinguish your business in many different ways. Not only customers can seat on it when waiting in line but also it turns attention. Especially, outdoor benches in different color than black turn attention of traffic passing by.

Custom made and decorative outdoor bench standing in front of the store. JW Portable Welding & Repairs 2019 London, Ontario
Custom made and decorative outdoor bench standing in front of the store. JW Portable Welding & Repairs 2019 London, Ontario

You can find out more about our outdoor bench here and since you looking for benches here is our locker room bench.

We also distribute products manufactured by others

In fact, we distribute products that are well known to the industry, but their manufacturing requires a special know-how, and production efficiency. Additionally, they must be customized to a high degree and should require an on-site installation. Furthermore, they must significantly impact lives of direct users.

These products require different distribution systems and therefore we deliver them directly to our customers. Not to mention, we are always looking for new products to distribute.

Choice of material and welding technique

We follow best welding practices and engineering drawings selection of material and welding techniques for products focused on tasks. However, we follow a different set of rules for multifunctional products.

Additionally, we believe that quality of production makes our clients come to us for more innovative products. Point often overlooked is that quality of components reflects on quality of final product. Therefore we install superior bearings, better shafts, quality sleeves, better bushings, superior quality steel, thicker materials and make stronger welds.

Most importantly, we make our weldments stronger through stronger and bigger welds as well as through improved designs. In many instances we change the joint assembly to eliminate cracking. We simply do everything to make our products stronger and unbreakable because we want our products to last much longer than competitor’s products.

Choice of weldments’ material

Moreover, we also offer choice of material for our products in cases when the weight of our multi-functional products becomes of concern to us. You can make your products from steel or aluminum for heavy to handle products. Aside of weight reduction customers have a benefit of material resistant to rust.

Once you see our products, you will notice right away that this product was made by tradesmen in North America. Another key point is that we know how the imports are made since we repair them. In light of it, we know all about thin stainless steel that cracks after 1.5 years of standard use. We are aware about welds that do not hold anything and break at the touch of fingers. And, we know about bearings that last 3 months. That is why we do things differently here.