Innovative products with innovations that works

Innovative products of JW Portable Welding (2020), arm of JWD pushcart to fight Mildew and Botrytis, teleposts, display stand with acrylic box, and door security bar installed on steel door

Innovative ideas breed innovative products with innovation that works. In fact, the technological innovation stimulates growth of our company in welding and epoxy glue businesses. With this in mind we cherish innovative ideas.

Following this trend, we have started to manufacture innovating products. In particular, we manufacture, assemble and distribute innovative products that are practical and useful, tested by us, and impact the industry of our clients. We offer customized and innovative products for:

  1. greenhouse,
  2. cannabis,
  3. construction,
  4. mining,
  5. security, and
  6. disinfectant industries.

Our products change, the way our clients operate their businesses, workers perform their tasks, or how they approach opportunities and mitigate risks.

Most of our manufactured products are based on old, practical and useful technology that goes through our innovative ideas process to make innovative products. Therefore, all our innovative products contain technologies that works but our innovation changes the application of these technologies. Moreover, all our manufactured products go through customization process prior delivery to our customers. The customization process allows us to make the short production series for clients that fit exactly their unique needs.

The manufacturing process for our products involves fabrication, electrical and mechanical work, and installation of components manufactured by others. Moreover, we source our suppliers in following order: Canadian suppliers, American Suppliers and Asian suppliers. Furthermore, we have also tendency to change and modify the standardized supplied products to fit our requirements.

Customization process of innovative products manufactured by us

Our customization process focuses on innovative product’s multi-functionality or specific task functionality. The multi-functional products and specific task functionality do require different skill level and different flexibility level.

The customization process allows us to develop new innovative ideas how to improve the existing products or to build new innovations.

Multi-functional innovative products

The customization process helps our clients to utilize all functions of our multi-functional products and therefore it makes our products more practical and useful to them. The customization of multi-functional product demands our contribution of innovative ideas to functionality of our products. Our innovations must work flawlessly.

The first Powdery Mildew elimination cart. Designed and made by JW Portable Welding and Repair 2018
Prototype of the base of multi-functional product to fight Powdery Mildew. JW Portable Welding & Repair. London, Ontario, 2017

The multi-functional characteristics of our product is based on attachments to the main unit. The client chooses the customization of the main unit and then chooses the customized attachments. Although, customization of the attachments does not usually involve major redesigns, they sometimes create potential structural destabilization risks. The customization makes our products less costly since the client does not have to purchase many new units.

Testing of our multi-functional products

Testing of our multi-functional products is extremely important since our innovations must wok. The high degree of customization creates certain risks for proper functionality and for structural balancing. Most of the risks are eliminated during the detailed designs of modified elements. However, some risks must be dealt later after assembly. Therefore, we strive to in flexibility in product production to the final product assembly.

The practicality of our designs dictate introduction of practical solutions after the whole unit is assembled. Prior delivery all multi-functional and customized products go through testing that includes quality testing, functionality testing, and structural balancing.   

Innovative products for specific task

The customization of product focused on specific task requires subcontracting engineering services. The customization process focused on task forces us to meet specific requirements demanded by engineering standards.  The engineering standards enforce no flexibility on our behalf and lower demand of skill level.

We manufacture jack posts and teleposts so popular in construction and mining industries. JW Portable Welding & Repairs. London, Ontario, 2018
Jack posts (teleposts) manufactured by JW Portable Welding. London, Ontario,2018.

Contribution of engineering services plays a paramount role into customization of tasks. The professional engineer approval makes our products legal to distribute since they meet the standards enforced by professional engineer’s drawings and recommendations. The unapproved modification of our products that suite particular task is prohibited.

We also distribute products manufactured by others

We also distribute products that are well known to the industry, but their manufacturing requires a special know-how, a production efficiency, a great deal of customization, or on-site installation. These products require different distribution systems and therefore we deliver them directly to our customers. Not to mention, we are always looking for new products to distribute.

Our distribution channel focuses on energy, horticulture, construction, security, transportation, welding or fabrication industries. Furthermore, they must significantly impact lives of direct users.

Choice of material and welding technique

We follow engineering specification in selection of material and welding techniques for products focused on tasks. However, we follow a different set of rules for multifunctional products.

We believe that quality of production makes our clients come to us for more innovative products. Quality of components reflects on quality of final product. Therefore we install superior bearings, better shafts, quality sleeves, better bushings, superior quality steel, thicker materials and stronger welds. We simply do everything to make our products stronger and unbreakable because we want our products to last much longer than competitor’s products.

We also offer choice of material for our products in cases when the weight of our multi-functional products becomes of concern to us. You can make your products from steel or aluminum for heavy to handle products. Aside of weight reduction customers have a benefit of material resistant to rust.

Once you see our products, you will notice right away that this product was made by tradesmen in North America. We know how the imports are made since we repair them. We know all about thin stainless steel that cracks after 1.5 years of standard use, about welds that do not hold anything and break at the touch of fingers, and we know about bearings that last 3 months. That is why we do things differently here.