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Collage of images that show examples of metal fabrications done in our fabrication shop in London

We believe in precision and custom all metal fabrication in London, Ontario. Our fabrication shop located in London separates steel fabrication, stainless steel fabrication, aluminum fabrication and metal art. Most importantly, our fabrication shop in London provides one source fabrication service for custom metal fabrication projects. Furthermore, our custom metal fabrication service for precision fabrication project will suite your budget, project’s functionality and project’s utilization time. In fact, our precision fabrication projects are usually related to mechanical components, steel cast’s supports or aluminum cast’s supports.

Additionally, we also believe in our welding shop’s contribution to your fabrication project in following:

  1. overall fabrication rigidity,
  2. weld size, and joint assembly
  3. reduction of fabricated piece’s weight,
  4. maintenance of tolerances between structure’s mechanical components
  5. improvements in mechanical joints between metal fabrications containing at least two different metals and/or alloys

Not only we substantially contribute to our client’s designs of precision metal fabrications, but also reduce costs through practical fabrication solutions and reduction of bureaucracy in our fabrication shop in London, Ontario.

Complex metal fabrication in London Ontario

Our fabrication shop in London Ontario enthusiastically acquire complex metal fabrication projects that involve fabrication process consisting of joining multiple fabricated pieces into one unit. Within the whole process, we maintain precise tolerances. With our precise specialization in metal fabrication in London, Ontario, we undertake projects consisting of multiple metals and machined parts.  

Complex metal fabrication consisting of mild steel fabrication and aluminum fabrication joined mechanically together. A perfectly balanced structure designed and fabricated by JW Portable Welding & Repair. London, Ontario, 2020. This is our flagship project for this year
A complex metal fabrication consisting of mild steel fabrication and aluminum fabrication joined mechanically together. Designed and fabricated by JW Portable Welding & Repair, London, Ontario, 2020.

We perform custom metal fabrication’s orders from one unique fabricated piece to multiple same fabrications or weldments. We can do it as long as it will fit to our small metal fabrication shop in London, Ontario. Due to the small size of our fabrication shop and our specialization, we do not provide fabrication of structural elements used in construction industry. Our projects of metal fabrication in London Ontario involve rather more advanced projects in aluminum and stainless steel with very precise tolerances. Unfortunately, clients from the construction industry have to look for a different supplier. 

We welcome fabrication projects from GTA, Toronto, Mississauga, Milton and Oakville

Keeping this in mind, we welcome metal fabrication Toronto inquiries in regard to any other industry except structural steel elements. To initiate the process, please attach the drawings of your planned metal fabrication in your email. And we will provide our quote promptly.  If you do not posses engineering drawings, but you know what you want than please provide the sketch of your idea.

Small Fabrication Shop

Our fabrication shop in London Ontario specializes in precision metal fabrication of relatively small pieces that interact with each other. Or they interact with other fabrications or mechanical components. These fabricated pieces are interacting with each other in very tight fit tolerances. Our mechanical background and experience as industrial millwrights in variety of industries makes us a natural fit for precision fabrication.

We specialize in

  1. Custom aluminum fabrication
  2. Stainless steel fabrication
  3. Mild steel fabrication of weldments used outside of construction industry

The interactions and movement of fabrications influence how we approach the metal fabrication process in our fabrication shop. We always try to design the fabrication process in such a way to avoid any assembly issues. Furthermore, we also understand the cumulative inaccuracies effect on the assembly failure. Therefore, we sometimes recalculate the fabricated parameters to consider fixed and critical components. Fabrications within the precision metal fabrication concept are assembled in our metal fabrication shop in London, Ontario, many times prior delivery to customer.

Free feasibility study for your small project

JW Portable Welding & Repairs provides free feasibility study for your small project that will be scheduled for fabrication in our metal fabrication shop in London. Certainly, larger scale feasibility studies involving rather larger projects are treated differently. However, small projects that require feasibility study regarding available options and solutions has opened a new niche for our fabrication shop in London.

So far, our feasibility studies referred to fabrication of structural elements and components that modify the existing equipment and machinery in order to increase their utilization time. In simple terms, we first build models from inexpensive materials such as wood, heavy paper, and carboard to visualize the challenges and provide solutions. These studies have involved not only fabrication of the new elements and components but also installation of them on site. Since we are a full service welding company with advanced welding technologies in mobile welding and portable welding, the installation of these components that require more advanced welds comes to us naturally. More importantly, we take care of minor and final modifications prior the installation free of charge since we have fabricated the whole piece. The rule is simple, since we build it, we take care of it.

Strong mechanical background and years of experience in variety of industries.

Our strong mechanical background and years of experience in variety of industries have allow us to conduct feasibility studies in kitchen equipment industry, machinery maintenance industry, commercial trailer industry and water drilling industry. These fabrication projects involved one or multiple pieces of weldments that improve leveling, precise positioning, reduction of vibration and reduction of crack development in welds and in metal.

Most importantly, our feasibility study allows us to make technical sketches and drawings that lay foundation for metal fabrication in our fabrication shop in London Ontario. Our clients in return not only receive multiple options with tangible resolutions to their complex technical problems, but also save time and funds otherwise devoted to production of technical drawings.

Please keep in mind that our feasibility studies do not involve construction industry since we have rather small fabrication shop in London Ontario that is not suitable for production of structural elements for construction industry.

Fabrication with metal art components

Metal fabrication with art components is one area where we excel in our fabrication shop in London. Our clients demand that our fabrications with metal art components look impressive. Moreover, they must make stunning effect. The process starts with the interview to familiarize ourselves with basic objectives of the metal fabrication purpose. Then we produce drawings that help visualize to the client our concepts. During the drawings stage we consult with artists that are familiar with particular art.

The Hecker's celebrate Halloween with this sign. JW Portable Welding & Repairs 2020, London Ontario
The Hecker’s celebrate Halloween with this fabricated composition & sign. JW Portable Welding & Repairs 2020, London Ontario

After the drawings stage is time for a modeling stage when we must maintain certain dimensions and obligatory functionalities. But we are not sure how the whole thing will look like and how certain components will interact. The metal artwork modeling form and important part of the whole modeling process. The metal artwork modeling gives us a perspective and dimensional coordination between metal artwork pieces and the functional components. It is paramount to us to exactly understand how the functional components interact with metal artwork. Our forger is consulted at this stage.

Fabrication starts when modeling receives your approval.

Once the modeling is done and approved then the metal fabrication and assembly of other components including forged components starts in our fabrication shop. We maintain the order of assembly during the metal fabrication process to make the final assembly as easy as possible. Please keep in mind that certain components delivery could be scheduled much in advance for easy installation on site.  

Custom metal fabrication

Custom metal fabrication lays at the base of many of our fabrication projects in our fabrication shop in London Ontario. Our customers can choose the metal they want us to make their fabrication. In our fabrication ship in London, we do steel fabrication, aluminum fabrication and stainless-steel fabrications. Pending the metal choice for your fabrication, we approach these projects slightly differently. The approach differences for fabrication in particular metal originate from differences of

  1. welding consumables,
  2. welding parameters,
  3. joint preparations, and
  4. warpage characteristics.

Moreover, the specific metal fabrications do not interact with each other and each project runs its course separately. However, some fabrication projects have involved steel fabrication and aluminum fabrication or steel fabrication and stainless-steel fabrication. Furthermore, our abrasives do not mix to maintain complete purity during the welding process.

Your metal fabrication project requires integrity

Your metal fabrication project requires integrity, especially if you can not recognize quality of welding processes. There are many factors influencing the quality of welding process and they depend on welding technologies used, welding procedures used, and welding consumables used. These factors influence not only influence utilization time of your project but also accuracy and comfort of operation. Therefore vetting process of welding companies is so important prior choosing your fabrication shop. Our fabrication shop in London, Ontario maintains very stringent procedures in all our fabrication projects. We are also open to modern fabrication technologies that increase our quality and efficiency.

Our metal suppliers

In the light of our metal fabrication success, I need to mention our metal suppliers with excellent service, valuable advice….and custom cuts. First of all, this fabrication shop in London Ontario buys steel from St. Thomas Steel Centre for their superior service. Secondly, we buy our small and untraditional pieces of steel as well as aluminum pieces from Metal Supermarket in London. In fact, I would like to recommend these suppliers to buyers of steel in London area.