Steel Fabricator in London, Ontario

JW is a steel fabricator with expertise for quick turnover of steel fabrication projects. In last few years we have responded to the clients demand in of steel fabrication projects in following areas: security, decorative fencing and decorative gates, decorative handrails, and maintenance. All of our projects as a steel fabricator in London area have involved custom projects. We also fabricate products that involve steel fabrication but these items are much less customized and you can find them under products.

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Security steel fabrication projects

Within our security steel fabrication projects we continue to provide custom steel fabrication of window security grill and door security grills as well as our new addition guardrails. With the growing trend of break-ins to local businesses, retail stores and warehouses, the demand for security grills installed in windows and doors is growing rapidly.

Our security grills are gaining popularity due to their sturdiness, solid and thick materials, and smart designs. As a steel fabricator of security grills we use techniques making cuts of the grills as difficult as possible. If you are looking for steel fabricator with solid reputation and a ticketed welder text me the image. Phone in contact page

Fabrication of guardrails

The steel fabrication of guardrails is a relatively new area for us. Our guardrails prohibit vandals and thieves entering properties, and more specifically multilevel garages. These guardrails fill the opening voids of multilevel garages permanently prohibiting entrance and exit through these openings. We design our guardrails based on experiences gained in security grills. However, even though the size of weldment and attachments of our fabrications have changed, we still use the thickest HSS elements in each size category. Also, as a steel fabricator of guardrails, we focus our fabrication standards on methods prohibiting cuts to our guardrails.

Steel fabricator of decorative gates and fencing

The combination of trends, increased security and building similar homes on the street, have created demand for decorative gates and decorative fencing. These decorative gates and fencing not only increase security of your property but also differentiate your property. They tell your neighbors your interest, your hobbies, and what you stand for.

Our designs have become very intricate. We have pushed our steel fabrication of fancy and decorative gates and decorative fencing to the limits of the border usually claimed by metal art. Our clients want to make a statement through artistic expression while distinguishing their house from their community. And, we have offered them a way to do so.

We fabricate all of our intricate gates and fencing from wrought iron but many of them also include motives made from copper or stainless steel.

Steel fabrication of handrails

The steel fabrication of handrails has grown to a significant size as an extension that complements our decorative gates and fencing activities. Our handrails play a very important safety device for people walking on outside stairs. Our decorative handrails have found popularity among many homeowners in London area. However, the very sturdy and heavy build handrails fabricated according to modern designs are preferred by our commercial clients.

Steel fabrication in maintenance projects

JW Portable Welding & Repairs participates in your maintenance projects whether they are industrial, commercial, or residential nature. With our strong background in millwrighting, we quickly fabricate pieces that must precisely fit or take specific shape. We also use steel fabrication skills to fabricate weldments that must perform certain function.

In fact, as certified millwrights, we are an expert in mechanical maintenance where steel fabrication plays a major role. Therefore, we differ significantly from other steel fabricators that specialize in structural steel fabrication. At this moment we do not plan any activities to fabricate structural steel for construction purposes. Presently, we do not accept projects in area of structural steel fabrication unless they should be completed on client’s construction site where we support activities other clients’ activities.

Our steel fabrications contain some mechanical parts

More importantly, due to our mechanical specialization our steel fabrication in maintenance area relates rather to fabricating specific one piece or multiple pieces that performs designated functions. And, the fabricated element or its portion must be able to exercise certain movements. And, it has to be able to resist certain vibrations. With this in mind, we have build prototypes of custom devices and we are ready to build prototypes for clients willing to test their ideas.

Steel fabrication of movable parts involve aside of S.M.A.W. or stick welding also GTAW (Tig) and GMAW (Mig) welding of mild steel. These other techniques allow us to fabricate more precisely or simply faster in comparison to S.M.A.W. However, the welding rod technology with very advanced alloys restricts sometimes GMAW and GTAW in many projects. This take place especially when the weldment has to resist extreme tensions and we can not increase the size of the weld. In these cases we use high tensile rods in these fabrication processes. Similarly, in cases of mechanical elements that vibrate S.M.A.W. technology is preferred due to popular availability of advance alloys that resist vibration.

Steel fabrication in commercial property maintenance

In general, we usually over weld our steel fabrication weldments in commercial maintenance. It is important to realize that, the nature of steel fabrication in maintenance projects directly influence our fabrication’s over – welding pattern. This over-welding pattern increases the strengths of our welds and also increases the strength of weldment’s structural integrity. Also, our clients insist on these oversized welds.

On the positive side, as much as we would like to change this pattern and reduce our labor and welding consumables cost, so far, we have failed  in this attempt.

Steel fabrication of jamb protector for commercial doors. Installed on doors. JW Portable Welding & Repairs 2017 London, Ontario
Steel fabrication of jamb protector for commercial doors. Installed on doors. JW Portable Welding & Repairs 2017 London, Ontario

We visit your site prior commencing your fabrication

In reality, our steel fabrication projects in commercial maintenance do not start with client’s drawings or sketches. In fact, it starts with initial visit to the site and us taking dimensions. We also discuss with the client fabrication objectives, detail requirements referring to convenient use of the weldment, and other specifics.

Open security door on the roof access ladder. JW Portable Welding & Repairs 2017 London, Ontario
Open security door on the roof access ladder. JW Portable Welding & Repairs 2017 London, Ontario

Then, after approval of our invoice for steel fabrication of particular piece and installation of this piece, the project land on the fabricator’s table.

The installation of many fabrication projects in commercial property maintenance area includes also participation of our mobile welding units. The mobile welding simply allows us to weld components to the weldment according to tolerances found on existing steel structure on the property. In case of access door to the roof we have welded one side of heavy duty hinges to the ladder.

Fabrication of drain cover for the large warehouse. The weldment must sustain heavy forklift operations. JW Portable Welding & Repairs 2018 London, Ontario
Fabrication of drain cover for the large warehouse. The weldment must sustain heavy forklift operations. JW Portable Welding & Repairs 2018 London, Ontario

Most importantly, commercial property maintenance benefits from our steel fabrication of railings such as fencing, gates, and grills installed on doors and windows.

Steel fabrication in industrial maintenance

It is important to realize the major differences between steel fabrication in industrial maintenance project and commercial maintenance project.

Basic characteristic of steel fabrication in industrial maintenance

First, the fabrication for industrial maintenance projects are always more complex than fabrications for commercial maintenance. The industrial maintenance weldments interact with many different planes with other parts of machinery or equipment, other machines standing close by, or with machinery guards. Therefore, the progress of fabrication process is much slower since the weldment has to be fitted occasionally to the original position. Such fitting allows for advanced placement of components.

Second, very often the fabrication process involves variety of steels with different welding procedures that sometimes have to be modified. Very often the welding process during the steel fabrication must maintain the temperature regime suited by used steel material.

Third, joint preparation can become very complex due to unusual and unique joint assembly. Therefore often simple beveling does not work or is simply insufficient due to rather rather unique steel elements arrangement. It is worth mentioning that we often change the problematic joint assembly commonly known as steel elements arrangement to increase the strength of welds and their resistance to vibration.

Fourth, steel fabrication for industrial maintenance project often takes place on client’s site whereas the fabrication of weldments for commercial projects usually takes place in our shop.

How we work and what we need in steel fabrication for industrial maintenance

Here is a few words of what we watch for when conducting the first visit on your site. In the event of a complete structural failure of the equipment’s component, please do not remove it or at lease do not dispose it. We would like to see it first to find out the reasons for a failure. Then, we want to find out how you can accommodate our welding equipment and how we can separate our operation from your employees. Moreover, we would like to have access to a project manager and the machinery operator, in order to establish proper communication channel.

Here are main reasons to hire us for your steel fabrication in industrial settings

  1. equipment manufacturer does not manufacture this element replacement any more, and you can not replace it,
  2. new elements manufactured by the equipment manufacturer can not sustain mechanical abuse and end up as scrap relatively quickly,
  3. element is rusted and lost its structural integrity,
  4. old element must be modified since its functionality has changed (ex – has to accommodate new attachment).

Steel fabrication projects in industrial maintenance are not over-engineered

Our steel fabrication projects are not over-engineered simply because our clients usually need us on a short term bases, usually within 10 days, and there was not time time to generate drawings. Also, they do do not have funds to over-engineer their project either. Generally speaking, our clients want simple solutions to rather complicated problems. That is why, these projects are very challenging and also generate a tremendous satisfaction after the finish.

The investigation begins our steel fabrication process. We cut the scrapped element to understand what kind of damages it sustained. It could surprise you how much we learn about scrapped element by skillfully cutting it in few places. It would also surprise you how valuable is this technique for the success of your steel fabrication project.

Top of the image, new complex steel fabrication weldment surrounding aluminum casting die. Bottom of the image, old steel weldment of the same aluminum casting die. JW Portable Welding & Repairs 2020, London, Ontario
Top of the image, new complex steel fabrication weldment surrounding aluminum casting die. Bottom of the image, old steel weldment of the same aluminum casting die. JW Portable Welding & Repairs 2020, London, Ontario

Once, we know why we are dealing with such damages than we make decision to remedy the problems. In remedy to the problem we consider following:

  1. thicker elements,
  2. bigger and stronger welds made from high tensile consumables,
  3. strange looking gusset plates that protect and strengthen the main element,
  4. bearing seats made from hardened material,
  5. better quality mechanical parts,
    • superior bearings,
    • better gears and pulleys,
  6. convenient for operator lubrication system that actually works,
  7. anti – vibration pads and surfaces,
  8. epoxy rust inhibitor inside the elements,
  9. friction and/or impact resistance surface welded with surfacing welding consumables and so on.

Machine guarding fabrication and custom safety guards

It is also worth mentioning that we fabricate custom safety guards for machinery and heavy equipment. Since these weldments refer to machinery and equipment, they are included in this section. Variety of equipment and machinery requires new safety guards or requires modified machine guarding. Indeed, our fabricated guards meet owner, operator and/or maintenance crew requests. And fulfill safety requirements of your safety representative.

Most often, the new machinery and new heavy equipment lands in Ontario and usually is already equipped with some kind of machine guarding. But, in many instances, these safety guards do not meet the requirements of the new owner or operator due to following reasons:

  1. insufficient protection of sensitive components against the operator’s abuse,
  2. lack of inspection windows for systematic visual inspection,
  3. difficult access to grease lines’s fittings,
  4. operator access to moving parts,

We understand that we must bring flexible designs to fulfill requirements of owner, operator and safety rep.

In most instances, we built the model of a new safety guard prior fabrication or at least draw them on images. Then we fabricate the new safety guard in the shop. And, then we install the new safety guard to your equipment or machinery. During the guard’s final installation, we do final modification that involves some on site welding.

Steel Fabricator for overhaul and maintenance

Again, we are perfect steel fabricator for overhaul and maintenance projects since we can accomplish steel fabrication projects quickly with minimum supervision. Our industrial millwright experience guide us in the process. As millwrights, we can install them too. So, at the end of the day we minimize headaches for young engineers running maintenance departments.

The ability to fabricate structures based on maintenance manager’s sketches and then install them in place makes us a fabricator to go in London area for:

  1. repair and maintenance,
  2. preventative maintenance, and
  3. machinery overhaul.

Majority of steel fabrication takes place in the shop however; our mobile unit is useful for installation and minor modification of the fabricated structures. The extensive millwrighting background helps us  to predict the fabricated structure behavior even though the details are not mentioned on the maintenance manager’s sketch.

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If you are a small operator and you want to do your project yourself here is a good supplier in London in everything related to welding. They can also advise you how to do it.