When you search internet for welder fabricator near me or welding fabrication shop near me, it could only mean that location of this welding shop is important to you. You are probably looking for a close relationship with a welding fabrication shop near you. Moreover, some of you could also have in mind on site fabrication. You could belong to a construction industry relying on engineering drawings or to any other industry facing much more complicated fabrication challenges. In fact, construction industry representatives searching for welder fabricator near me or a welding fabrication shop near me, are looking rather for a reduction of transportation cost.

Buyers from industries outside construction

Whereas the representatives from any other industry except construction  when looking for a welder fabricator near me or welding fabrication shop near me, is looking precisely for a welding fabricator capable of a specific and much more complicated fabrication. Some of the buyers from these industries are searching for such welding fabrication shop located within reasonable distance in order to visit its facilities and monitor quality and progress of their project.

Portable welder fabricator performs on site fabrication on client's premises. Made by JW Portable Welding & Repairs, London, Ontario, 2020
Portable welder fabricator performs on site fabrication on client’s premises. Made by JW Portable Welding & Repairs, London, Ontario, 2020

Still, many of them ask themselves a question. How are we going to align this weldment or mechanical fabrication to the existing machinery? Surely there will be some modifications necessary after the first alignment. Perhaps we will need a few alignments in different stages of the project.  How are we going to do these few alignments? The answer to these troubling question is on site fabrication.

Welder fabricator near me for other industries except construction industry

Let us fist define characteristics of projects for other industries except construction industry. Many of these projects require following:

  1. Higher quality welding machines
  2. Welding processes with different quality of welds such as
    1. higher strength,
    2. increased resistance to vibration,
    3. increased playability,
    4. established penetration,
    5. irregular shape,
    6. much bigger size,
    7. welded with specialized alloys,
    8. welded according to specialized procedures,
    9. and welded according to standards monitored pass by pass.
  3. Use of less common alloy materials,
  4. Adhering to engineering drawing, but open to necessary modification,
  5. Multiple alignments of every stage
  6. Use of variety of metals in one structure,
  7. Use some mechanical devices within the structure,
  8. Modification of the existing fabrication due to structural failure of the old fabrication.
  9. Fabrication without drawing since the drawing are not available due to too many unknown factors.

Fabrication shop near me (on site fabrication) is about client’s control.

In all of these cases, clients want to have control over the fabrication process and want to have control over the welding process’ quality. In this type of projects, many things are unknown to the client’s top management, engineering department, and technicians. Therefore, client’s decision makers want to participate in crucial discussions regarding solutions to the problems, but top management wants to make it as convenient for them as possible. Many of these projects relate to casts, molds, and dies as well as their steel supports. These projects involve also modifications to the existing machinery and multiple alignments with desired outcomes.

Capable welder fabricator must deliver.

JW Portable Welding & Repair, the mobile welder fabricator shortens posts on site. Posts are positioned on metal horses. London, Ontario, 2016
JW Portable Welding & Repair, the mobile welder fabricator shortens posts on site. Posts are positioned on metal horses. London, Ontario, 2016

In these highly specialized projects, the welder fabricator must be able to deliver the technology and must be capable to formulate solutions to the unexpected problems. Since not many such fabricators exist in Ontario the proximity to the fabricator’s location acts as a deterrent to the client’s ideal arrangement. For these highly demanded clients “Welder Fabricator Near Me” or “Welding Fabrication Shop Near Me” findings mean the capable fabricator within 15min driving distance. Well, as we all know, this is rather unrealistic expectation, but on site fabrication is realistic. The on site fabrication provides attractive solution for complex projects.

If you are the client whose projects demand a highly capable welder fabricator, would you welcome a capable fabricator in your facilities? Considering that control is paramount for you, this is the best solution in existence. If you wonder where to find such capable fabricator, I want to make a point here. You are reading a text written by such capable welder fabricator. So take a careful look at some of the pictures and decide yourself.

Inspect the complex project completed on client’s premises

Welder fabricator near me for construction industry

The main reason why you need your fabrication shop to be close to you is that you want to reduce transportation costs and cost of field’s auxiliary welding services offered by fabricator of construction elements. Certainly, there is always a group of new customers with their first fabrication projects that think that they will save money when they will pick their project from the welding shop themselves. Therefore, they do not want to drive far to pick up their fabrication. Unfortunately, they do not realize that factors such as location and price do not have any correlation. Factors that do corelate with price are quality and efficiency. Therefore, distance becomes a secondary factor.

Majority of professional clients do not choose welder fabricator based on fabricator’s location but rather based on quality and price. Whereas the price does not need any explanation, the quality probably does require some explanation. Well, for many clients the quality means different things, and still for a few clients it just means a good-looking paint. I am not saying that paint does not make any difference. Although, it is pretty obvious that paint corrections are rather inexpensive, whereas corrections to the fabricated elements are rather expensive.

Welder fabricator near me or welding fabrication shop near me means quality fabricator at the right price

Question is what a quality fabricator means and what is a right price? Does the right price means no mistakes and no corrections. Does the right price mean that fabricator provides auxiliary field welding at reasonable cost?

Construction fabricator follows the engineering drawing.

In construction industry the engineering drawing is a holy grail. The engineer is right. Many fabricators for construction industry say that engineer is mostly right, but sometimes is wrong. In other industries except construction the situation is not as simple. Here are a few considerations:

  • What if you do not have drawings? Does the engineer struggles to provide a drawing? What if in order to produce reliable drawing, you have to spend a fortune for mechanical tests, material tests and so on?
  • Are you dealing with re-fabrication that was done according to the drawing? If you must correct fabrication that followed engineering drawing, it means that drawing was inaccurate, isn’t it?
  • Have you ever purchased a fabrication from offshore fabricator that does not make sense?….And it contains too many problems to mentioned. Now, you are dealing with re – fabrication.
  • What if the modification to your fabrication is fairly simple, but it requires multiple alignments and fittings?

Fortunately, JW Portable Welding & Repairs with our strong Industrial Millwrighting background been there and have done that.

Good welder fabricator utilizes materials specified by the drawing.

Welder fabricator utilizes materials specified by the drawing or best suited for the project. Any fabricator deals with cheap designs on daily bases. These cheap designs take into consideration materials that just make the purpose. Usually, this means that the material is very thin but still looks good and it also means choosing cheap alloys that just barely make the requirement. Therefore, after paying for the fabrication and then paying for its installation, you are going to find multiple rusted holes and cracks after a few years. Once again some considerations are as follow:

  1. A good quality material is paramount for the fabrication project and that means good heavy walled steel and proper alloy for caustic environment. And here are my questions once again.
  2. What if you are dealing with re – fabrication precisely because the materials have failed? What if welding of existing cracks on a fabrication or on a mechanical element only temporary resolve the issue since you know these cracks will appear once again. If you expect new cracks relatively quickly after welding of new cracks, don’t you think it is time to change the strategy? …..And perhaps a supplier of portable or mobile welding services?

The welds are high quality done according to best trade practices and high-quality standards.

In case of mild steel, the situation is rather simple although many welds on very thick mild steel require different procedures. However, if you are dealing with different alloys the situation becomes suddenly more complicated. Still some questions appear:

  1. Does the fabricator have a correct welding procedure for alloy and for particular welding technique?
  2. How about fabrication assemblies of different metals? Does the size of weld in one assembly affect another assembly fabricated from another metal?

Metal Fabricator near me or welding fabrication shop near me, summary

As you can see things can get complicated very, very quickly even in construction industry. Everything depends on sophistication of your project. Obviously for these complicated projects you need a fabricator who understands the problems you are referring to and a fabricator who will provide solutions to your highly technical problems. Fortunately, you just found one since you are reading an article written by the capable fabricator with mobile and/or portable welding capabilities and with strong near you presence of on-site fabrication capabilities.