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The JW Portable Welding & Repair business mission is to introduce high quality, specialized and reasonably priced mobile welding services in London and Southern Ontario. Our mission has been alive since 2012.

The business has grown a lot in last few years. Aside of mobile welding when we come to you with a truck and one of our 3 trailers, we presently offer also portable welding. Within a portable welding service we connect our more precise welding machines to your power outlets. In this instance we tend to stay longer on your premises and / or we need more control over welding process.

More about JW Portable Welding

On top of mobile welding and related portable version we also offer welding repair services from our welding shop, metal fabrication including on-site fabrication or fabrication near me. It is important to realize that we take some welding repair projects to the shop due to complexity of welding and possible difficulties. Moreover, our metal fabrication projects focusses rather aluminum and stainless steel. Therefore we do not fabricate for construction industry. We additionally use advanced metal epoxies and sealers when welding is impossible or impractical.

We have also begun to manufacture and distribute products. Generally speaking our manufactured products are the results of our innovation within well established technologies.

The challenges of mobile welding provide testing ground for new welding machines and techniques, new welding consumables including welding rods, wires and abrasives. Mobile welding inspire to introduce new technologies and new mechanical designs. The technologically demanding jobs forms a window of opportunities for JW Portable Welding & Repairs. And we are enjoying opening this window as far as we can.

Our mobile welding operation geographical reach & mobile welding near me

We offer mobile welding service in London Ontario although we travel much father.  The company’s motto is “mobile welding near you” especially if you consider our specialized welding services. Obviously, we focus on mobile welding services in London, Ontario but we also cover with our daily travels St. Thomas as well as radius of about 100 km from these two cities.

Within our mobile welding services we offer

  1. mobile aluminum welding with specialization of aluminum handrail repair
  2. mobile stainless steel welding, and
  3. mild steel welding and torch cutting that is so popular for builders, heavy equipment operators, and truckers. Or quick OWSJ improvements.

However, due to our specializations and our technical capabilities our geographical reach has spread to other cities in Southern Ontario. Certainly, the geographical expansion relates rather to portable welding and on-site fabrication. Aside of on site fabrication that requires extensive alignments, we repair aluminum cast and steel cast. And we weld dies. Additionally, our second specialization which is welding cracks in equipment and machinery has also increased our reach.

A mobile welding unit on the job in London, Ontario. Enclosed trailer containing a self-propelled welding machine and plenty of tools. The welding tent protects the public from welding hazards and isolates us from wind for shielded gas welding.
This is typical JW Portable Welding & Repair’s mobile welding set up consisting of enclosed trailer containing a self-propelled welding machines and plenty of tools as well as welding tent that protects the public from welding hazards.

Our mobile welding destinations

Our mobile welding operation offers:

  • Woodstock welding services
  • welding services in Sarnia, Chatham and Tillsonburg
  • portable welding services in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge areas
  • mobile welding services in Guelph and Hamilton, and
  • portable welding and on site fabrication in Mississauga, Brampton and Oakville

We are also often in Toronto. The farthest serving location is Peterborough and we cover Brampton, Markham, and Oshawa. Certainly, our specialized welding service covers small cities such as Grand Bend, St. Mary, Clinton, Owen Sound, and Collingwood. Due to our rather large geographical operation our specialized mobile welding services could be called mobile welding near you. However, due to our location in London, mobile welding services in London, Ontario take priority.

Basic differences of our on site welding service

Our standard operation of our mobile welding service differs significantly from operation of other mobile welders or welder fabricators. First, we are certified millwrights, certified welders and we do it full time on daily bases. So, we weld according to millwrights working ethics, and it simply means quality and precision.

This welding company operates full time and none of employees run a part-time mobile welding service. Also, we do not work somewhere else as a welder fabricator or iron worker. Then after work, we do not try to catch a few clients to supplement our main employment income. Again, we do it full time and this is everything what we do on daily basis. The steady and continues operation gives us advantage over part-timers.

The mobile welding, portable welding, fabrication, metal epoxy service, manufacturing and distribution is all we do. This is our livelihood, and we treat it very seriously. From the full-time operation, engineering and millwrighting, stem other standards such as clear communication, proper technology, ethics and convenience.


We tend to visit a job-site prior committing to come with our mobile welding unit. Our welder fabricator always provides estimate before striking an arc. During the visit, we formulate the most beneficial solution to your project. We also make you aware of different approaches to some of project’s challenges. Even if we respond with our welding unit to the urgent call we tend to ask for pictures and descriptions. Also, if you provide some basic dimensions prior on-site welding, it would be very helpful.

Simply put, we want to know as much information about welding services needed as is possible. We will provide the Time & Material estimate when we cannot provide you with the job estimate. Under the T & M approach, you confirm on our documents with accuracy of 30 min the time paid. You will sign these documents every day. If you do not like our performance, we do not obligate you to keep us even for one hour longer. We also provide receipts for materials and the estimate of welding consumables.

Convenience of mobile welding and payment for welding services

Once you accept our estimate then we will send one of our mobile welding units to you. Our welder fabricator always comes prepared and well equipped. He has all welding consumables and abrasives necessary to finish your project in the most efficient way possible.

We operate with multiple welding machines specialized for particular welding tasks. Consequently, our mobile welding services are based on 3 different size enclosed trailers. In each trailer we have different welding machines, different auxiliary welding equipment, and different tools. We send each trailer to different welding jobs and therefore each trailer contains different equipment.

Our trucks haul different trailers providing different welding services. Our specialized welding equipment is at the core of our efficiency and effectiveness. Each welder fabricator is qualified and skilled in operation of equipment and tools located on his trailer. You are able to pay with your credit card after the job is completed to your satisfaction. The convenience of paying with a credit card helps us to create a positive cash flow. It also immediately leaves a record that your job is paid for. It also makes job for our accountant easier and prohibits unpaid invoices.

We run our payment operation similar to a grocery store operation that is the groceries purchased are paid for. We also understand that sometimes you need a few days to inspect our work in the field. For updated payment policy please visit our welcome page.

Welder’s Ethics

Ethics of welding services in mobile welding is crucial for our success. We always do what we have promised to do, and we do it following the best trade practices. Again and again, I say, we do not cut corners to preserve our reputation of premium welding services. Here are some of our welding policies:

  1. We do not skip certain crucial preparation steps prior welding such as cleaning surfaces and preheating.
  2. Welder must use welding consumables such as welding rods and wires as we have recommended and agreed to.
  3. We do not leave un-welded joints that you are not able to see to save time. The record of welded joint in form of a picture is always taken once the weld is done. In cases of complicated welds, the multiple pictures are taken from different stages of the complicated weld.
  4. JW Portable Welding & Repairs does not increase invoices as it is common in the industry. We do not enter with the low bid to get the job and then bill you extra on the additions.