Welding with Portable Welders

Images of our most popular portable welders

Our portable welder uses small and light Mig welder, portable GTAW welder and light self-propelled welder generator. In fact, we use portable welding machines for highly specialized welding conducted on site and on your premises. Although, our large mobile units are very comfortable and reliable in mobile application, unfortunately they are not practical for portable applications or do not provide sufficient control in some specific conditions.

Moreover, the safety hazard of exhaust gases inside the large warehouses or production facilities also prohibits the use of our mobile welder units. Additionally, we use our portable welders when we can not access the welding spot even with 600 ft cables or when the long leads are disallowed due to safety reason.

More importantly, our welders also use these portable welding machines when the project demands precision welding and high machine responsiveness. Frequently, we use also these machines when we weld under multiple welding parameters too.

Indeed, we must connect these small portable welding machines to the client’s electrical outlets, except self-propelled versions. The power supply to our portable machines impacts welding technology used and safety of your employees.  And particularly our efficiency. Any problems with power supply on your premises reduces our efficiency dramatically. Therefore in interest of both parties, we suggest to inspect the current’s load prior our visit.

JW Portable Welding & Repair's typical portable welder arrangement on manufacturer's premises. London, Ontario, 2020 JW Portable Welding & Repair’s typical portable welder arrangement on manufacturer’s premises. London, Ontario, 2020

More importantly, with this setup we have accomplished our 2020 Flagship project

Extension cords to our portable welders

We have about 60 feet of a very large size extension cord to our portable welders and about 8 most popular plugs. These heavy extension cords allow our machines to operate smoothly when we operate them within their capabilities. Our extension cords could form a tripping hazard even when we try to hide them as much as we can. So, please pay attention when walking in our proximity.

Portable welding machines connect to client’s electrical outlets

Our portable welders are small and relatively light. For instance, we can quickly set them up in your warehouse, kitchen or production facility. These portable welders utilize 110 V  and or 220 V.  Although, we do have most popular plugs and we should be able to connect to power in your facility without any problem. However, sending pictures of receptacles relatively closed to the welding spot is a good idea. Certainly, from time to time, we find old receptacles that we do not have a plug for.

Most of our portable welders are setup to do a one welding technology and are modified with many attachments. These machines are highly specialized and therefore we pay a great attention not to damage them. In particular, we do not allow visitors or bystanders touching them, moving them, or operating them.

The hospitalization industry with variety of restaurants and fast food chains use our portable welders often

Self-propelled and portable welding machines

The self-propelled, and portable welding machines are very useful for welding on top floors of apartment buildings under construction, and in large and tall warehouses. In these conditions  only 120 V with 15A power is available and this current parameters are not sufficient for a high quality weld. We also use them for welding on top of large size vessels popular in chemical industries. Moreover, we use them in areas not accessible by our trailers and with no electricity. Surely, our self-propelled portable welding machines are an asset.

Welder pulls a small portable and self-propelled welding machine on construction site of condominium building. By JW Portable Welding & Repair, London, Ontario, 2020 Welder pulls a small portable and self-propelled welding machine on construction site of condominium building. By JW Portable Welding & Repair, London, Ontario, 2020

Tig (GTAW) portable welders

GTAW portable welders are the best to repair welding defects such as  undercut weld and porosity. However, they do not work very well for correcting pinholes. Still, the stick welder works magic for repairing pinholes.

Specifically, we operate portable welders for Tig welding stainless and aluminum. Our air cooled Tig guns are excellent for short and small welding jobs in restaurant kitchens.

A typical setup of small Tig portable welder for detail stainless steel welding in commercial kitchen. By JW Portable Welding & Repair, London, Ontario, 2020
A typical setup of small Tig portable welder for detail stainless steel welding in commercial kitchen. By JW Portable Welding & Repair, London, Ontario, 2020

However, for welding cast aluminum we use much more powerful GTAW (Tig) machines equipped with  variety of water cooled GTAW guns since they provide better working temperature efficiency. The precision of Tig is also very useful for repairing welding defects left by the robot or a welding machine operator. In this way, we can correct variety of welding defects such as undercut weld and porosity.

Mig (GMAW) Portable Welders

We also operate portable Mig welding stainless steel and aluminum setups. The portable welder for Mig welding stainless steel is rather a light and small machine and is very useful in welding in the restaurants. This highly modified Mig welding machine has been recently added to our services to accomplish a challenging task of welding cracks in stainless steel sink.

The portable Mig setup for aluminum is a much larger machine for portable standards with a 25 feet or 50 feet spool gun. Therefore we use it only on larger and longer lasting jobs. This welding machine successfully welds aluminum molds up to 3/4 inch thick.

Stick portable welder

Our stick portable welder is a very small and portable welding machine. It that has helped many clients in in most difficult situations. We can plug this machine to 110V  15A and by using a very thin rods we can accomplish welds in places where there is no access to 220V.  And our mobile units can not be used for variety of reasons. This machine however, can not provide stick aluminum welding since the aluminum rods of smaller sizes are not rigid enough for comfortable welding.

Safety of your employees

Our portable welders and associated portable welding equipment arrive to the jobsite in plastic containers for easy moving using dollies. We bring on site very interesting equipment and tools that aide in our welding. Having this in mind, we understand your employees curiosity trying to look up some of our tools.

Unfortunately, we disallow any touching of our welding machines. Same rule applies to our other welding equipment and our welding consumables. In fact it applies to  everything what is in our containers. Therefore, we would really appreciate leaving us alone without any disturbance during our welding for the best welding results. In effect, our welders should focus on their safety and safety of your employees too. Therefore, we do recommend removing your employees from the room where we weld.