Outdoor bench, custom, decorative

Custom made and decorative outdoor bench standing in front of the store. JW Portable Welding & Repairs 2019 London, Ontario

We manufacture custom outdoor benches in London, Ontario in variety of sizes that are decorative and distinguish your store, bar, or restaurant. Our outdoor benches follow the trend of increasing popularity of outdoor patios for bars and restaurant. Since you will get a customized bench, it must fit exactly to the space you need it to fit and offer additional sitting space for your customers.

Our outdoor benches not only offer sitting space for waiting customers in line. But, they also provide sitting space for served customers. Certainly, the arrangement of these benches must allow for it. In this way, you will accommodate more customers in a limited space. And, this will increase your profitability per square foot. With the pandemic trend slowly disappearing, and our lives coming back to normal, the additional outdoor sitting space is crucial for your business. It will provide very welcomed by owners cash inflow to their businesses.

Moreover, our outdoor benches create a warm community arrangements when placed in front of businesses outside of hospitality industry. They not only prove that owner cares about comfort of potential clients, but also signalize his/her business supports local community. Most importantly however, they will add additional curb appeal to your business.

Custom outdoor bench

We make our benches from a heavy still HSS tubing with tubing walls ranging from 3/16 to 5/16 of an inch. Their ridged and sturdy design achieved through welded framing does not allow for horizontal movement along the bench length. Additionally, we have applied the same principle to connection between the sitting structure and the back support, therefore the back support does not move back when being pressed.

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Bench dimension

In order to fit our custom outdoor benches into desired spaces, our customization process not only involves length of our outdoor bench but also its overall height and height of the sitting. Additionally, we can customize the sitting depth pending your comfort expectation.

The bench presented on this page is 8 feet long, 38 inches tall and 18 inches deep.

Steel elements

The steel elements are welded therefore the overall bench weight still allows for relocation adjustments. Since these steel elements of our benches are not casted, we paint them 2 x with anti-rust paint. We also can apply powder coating if required by the client.

The traditional black colour adds conservative appeal to the look of the bench. However, it does not turn attention of your clients or customers. Therefore, we are ready to paint them in blue, green, brown and orange in order to turn the heads of local traffic.

Wooden elements of our outdoor bench

Equally important are wooden elements of these outdoor benches. Since these benches will be placed outdoors, you should not only consider their utilization time, but also the material touch to the skin and …smell. Especially, smell could play a major role if you are running a restaurant or a bar.

You have an option to choose planks made from hardwood, cedar or composites. The purpose of your bench will determine the material for the sitting elements since all types of material have positive and negative aspects.

Closeup of outdoor bench manufactured by JW Portable Welding & Repairs. 2019 London, Ontario
Closeup of outdoor bench manufactured by JW Portable Welding & Repairs. 2019 London, Ontario

Decorative motives of our bench

Our benches must look impressive in order to increase the curb appeal of your business. They also must catch attention of potential clients to attract local traffic to your business. We can place decorations in style presented below.

Closeup of decorations of outdoor bench. JW Portable Welding & Repairs. 2019 London, Ontario
Closeup of decorations of outdoor bench. JW Portable Welding & Repairs. 2019 London, Ontario

Alternatively, we can place your logo on the back support or a symbol of your industry or motive that you cherish the most.

Alternatively, you can order a well made bench in London in different design. You are most welcomed to contact us to discuss your design.