Welcome to welding blog of JW Portable Welding & Repairs.

Welding of large cracks in large steel cast performed on client's premises by JW Portable Welding & Repairs. London, Ontario 2019

You will find my welding blog useful if you are looking for tips in welding technology, welding alloys and also tips in general welding business. Since we specialize in welding repairs I am planning to share tips in cast damage analysis, solutions to cracks and designing concepts that do work in practice. Also you will find tips for welding project’s management, management of welding contractors and regarding finances of welding. Moreover, I will share my comments regarding decisions made in more challenging projects. These decisions has impacted the projects’ quality and our efficiency. These justifications are not published for each project since I try to keep the projects’ description as concise as possible.

Welding blog contact

You can also contact me regarding decisions made for each project and receive some inside information and welding tips. Such information can be very useful if you encounter similar issues in your own project. I would also remind everybody that progress in welding technologies could make my comments published in this welding blog sometimes obsolete. Even though, I strongly support technological progress. And I try to stay up to date with most practical welding technologies, I find it sometimes overwhelmed. Although, I visit welding shows regularly, and I research information for more complicated projects very often, still I left surprised by welding innovation.

Welding blog for project managers

This welding blog is also useful for project managers dealing with extensive welding of alloys, and welding repairs. Certainly, I will refer in my posts to mobile welding, and portable welding since they are in demand. And to aluminum cast welding, and steel cast welding, as well as iron cast welding. I will also blog about our on site fabrication, and aluminum fabrication and stainless-steel fabrication. Moreover, I will evaluate some techniques for pitting repair, corrosion repair and cracks repair through welding repair and epoxy application. Although, the practicality of corrosion repairs for aluminum and stainless steel are still in early stages, I also plan to evaluate some of our approaches in these regards.

Posts of testing of new technologies, new welding rods, wires and abrasives

In my posts in this welding blog, you will find that I encourage testing of welds, and testing of welding techniques. I am a strong supporter of testing of welding consumables such as welding rods and welding wires. Also I like testing of welding abrasives. I simply believe in testing and experiencing the benefits of the product on my own. Simply put, too often the manufacturers’ comments and recommendations were either incomplete or impractical. Nothing upsets me more if I spent my hard-earned dollars on some products that supposed to work. But unfortunately, they do not work on the projects. I also want to clearly state that my opinions published in this welding blog are subjective and bias due to practical setup I am using for testing.

What works and what does not

On the right-hand side, you can find my welding blog’s categories with a descriptions based on my extensive welding experience. Therefore, these welding blog’s categories have rather strong practical narrative. I simply find that in welding business you can eliminate fake claims very quickly since it takes just a few minutes to find out if something works or it does not.