Innovative Technology Solutions - JW Technological Advancements

One Source of our advanced innovative technology solution concept in the collage that includes welding service, corrosion service, metal art, and mechanical modification

We believe in our innovative technology solutions and technological advancements available for you at one source and at one call. In light of these technological advances and innovative technology solutions, each technology or advanced method supports each other providing multiple options to resolve your problems. Moreover, our welding consumables’ technological advancements allow as to provide welding solutions in cracks in steel casts, aluminum molds and stainless steel alloys. Similarly, technological advances of epoxy glues and rust treatment chemicals allow as to resolve corrosion and cracks problems without welding technology. Then, our mechanical modifications and structural innovations improve physical rigidity and reduce deflections of fabricated structures. And, our metal artwork utilizes technological advancements of alloys and forging. Most importantly, the concept of combining many technologies at one single source assures of solutions’ flexibility and provides you with the power of choice.

Innovative technological advancements

We have achieved innovative technology advancements in:

  1. innovative welding technology services,
  2. advanced corrosion services,
  3. on-site practical mechanical designs and modifications,
  4. on-site practical structural designs and modifications,
  5. innovative metal artwork service, and
  6. all metal precise fabrications that contain at least two alloys.

Our contribution of technological solutions to your project’s technical, technological, and artistic challenges improve your perspective on your project success.

Innovative technology of a large aluminum post stabilization that does not bend the post. Designed and implemented by JW Portable Welding & Repair, London, Ontario, 2019

Moreover, we continuously improve our technological advances that increase, our comparative advantage, geographical reach and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, our tradesmen follow the best trade practices in everything we do and we always try to exceed your expectation.

Our technological advancements

Here is a short list of JW technological advancements that we bring to you:

  1. ever changing advanced welding innovative technology that transform challenges into possibilities,
  2. technological advancements of better and stronger welds,
    1. abrasion resistant welds,
    2. vibration resistant welds,
    3. pliable welds and
    4. chemically resistant welds that extend utilization time,
  3. advanced and innovative technology of metal epoxy glue varieties and polyurethans for repairs and enhancement,
  4. advanced technology of corrosion elimination and corrosion repair methods when pitting becomes excessive
  5. innovative technology of vibration resistant welding repairs of cracks in steel, aluminum, stainless steel
  6. advanced and innovative technology of steel cast repair and aluminum cast repair done in place and on-site
  7. precise equipment modification and improvements done in place and on-site for easy access to the machinery
  8. innovative metal artwork concepts that accentuates your intentions
  9. innovative technology for mildew, botrytis, bacteria and viruses control.

With this in mind, we focus on practical and efficient solutions to your project’s headaches. These practical and efficient solutions include advanced and innovative technology of welding services, corrosion services, mechanical design and modification services, metal art services, and all metal fabrication in our welding shop.  Furthermore, these solutions reduce your project cost and time of our involvement in your project. And extend your project’s utilization time period after our service.

Innovative technology of advanced welding services

The innovative technology of advanced welding services forms the core of our business. In fact, our technological advancements of welding rods, wires and abrasives benefit directly our clients. As long of course as our modified welding machines and other tools can utilize these technological advancements. Not too mention, that the ability of even the best welder is severely constrained by welding machine he / she is using. Certainly, the utilization of technological advancements must be supported by knowledge, skills, experience and testing. Comparatively speaking, we commit to testing of technological advancements in welding about 10% of time used for welding services. In view of this statement, you can judge our commitment to your project.

Essentially, we offer mobile, portable, and fabrication welding services for steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The mobile welding service is based on 3 specialized trailers. In support of our mobile welding, we have our portable welding service that involves light and modified welding machines. We connect these specialized welding machines to receptacles in your facilities. Furthermore, our small welding shop offers custom all metal precise fabrication.

In each metal, we offer Stick (S.M.A.W.), Tig (G.T.A.W) and Mig (G.M.AW) welding technology. And most importantly, we offer welding service in all these welding technologies our in mobile setup, portable setup and in welding shop setup. We say, “if it is weldable, we can do it ….and with the strongest weld possible”

Innovative technology and technological advancements of welding consumables

We continuously search and test new welding rods, welding wires, and welding fillers. For welding cracks on machinery and equipment, we recommend vibration resistant alloys since they form stronger welds. In our shop, we have also impact and chemical resistant alloys for more challenging environments. Our welder uses multiple rods and wires for cast steel, cast aluminum and cast iron welding. In fact, we patiently research, chase and test advancements of welding consumables with objective to offer you a stronger welds.

In fact, the technological advancements of welding consumables have gain our clients in

  1. mobile welding of aluminum,
  2. mobile stainless steel welding in construction industry and in infrastructure,
  3. stainless steel fabrication, and
  4. aluminum fabrication

By using abrasion and chemically resistant alloys, we adjust our welding consumables to your expectation and to your industrial environment. In fact, our abrasives search focuses on each metal and for each welding technique. Therefore we use different abrasive for structural aluminum and then different for welding aluminum mold, as an example. Moreover, the proper abrasives increase our efficiency and cosmetic appearance of our welds.

Power to provide a choice

The innovative welding technology provides you with power of choice. Whatever your welding needs are, any metal and any welding technique, we got it. Additionally, we strive to provide you at least two options to satisfy your needs. If your project demands:

  1. extreme sizes of welding rods and wires, whether thin or thick,
  2. specialized alloy welding rods and wires, and
  3. specialized welding technologies

We will surprise you with your choices and options.

In very rare cases, if we do not have it, we will get it. So, even if we do not have certain specialized welding technologies, we are ready and willing to invest in some welding technologies that your project needs. With this intention in mind, we provide technological advancements to our clients. Ultimately, we are perfect fit for challenging projects with combination of metals, welding services, and welding techniques.

Innovative technology of our advanced corrosion services

The innovative technology of corrosion services originated from the need to weld something that was extensively corroded. And therefore not weldable. Back then, the client had two choices, fabricate the same element or implement our corrosion service. The fabrication was not a most desired solution for our client. Therefore, we had to implement our new corrosion repair solutions. At the end of the day, we had rebuilt the corroded element using metal epoxy glue.

Innovative technology of corrosion repairs

Often, the new fabrication or machining of a deeply corroded element is not in mind of many clients. Many clients avoid excessive cost of making the new element since it will exceed their budget in particular time. Additionally, the replacement of damaged by corrosion element with a new element will carry additional disassembly, and assembly cost.

Innovative technology of leak repair on waste container due to corrosion. Technological advances of epoxy glue and corrosion inhibitor used by JW Portable Welding & Repair, London, Ontario, 2017
Epoxy repair of leaking waste container due to extensive corrosion. Made by JW Portable Welding & Repair, London, Ontario, 2017

Moreover, the potential replacement of corroded element could require stopping production and that means more additional cost. Therefore, in order to reduce cost, most managers prefer to have more time to purchase a new element or fabrication. Plus, they schedule the replacement of corroded element for a planned shutdown or machine overhaul. So, they chose our semi-permanent fix to buy time.

Unpleasant discovery of corrosion

We come on site, when you have made unpleasant discovery of rusted elements in your facilities or production line. The corrosion impacts operation of your machinery, heavy equipment and building facilities. You often find that corroded element should have been built from corrosion resistant metal. Or at least, should have been properly protected against corrosion. Unfortunately, none of this has been done. In essence, your maintenance crew have never assumed that they have a severe corrosion damage on their hands and now you face emergency.

24 custom metal glues and 16 additives

Our advanced and innovative corrosion service involves 24 metal glues based on epoxy glue mixed with variety of 16 additives. First, our rust inhibitors and corrosion converters deactivate the corrosion process. Then, we use the epoxy glues to rebuild the element when welding is not an option. So far, our efforts were focused on sealing containers severely damaged by corrosion. The sealing feature of epoxy metal glue is also very useful to seal cracks on semi-truck engines.   


Innovative Technology of Practical Modification & Design

Our innovative mechanical modifications impact how the machinery, heavy equipment, and agricultural equipment operates. That is why, the certified industrial millwright performs the modification work needed. We accomplish most mechanical modifications on site having access to existing machinery or heavy equipment. Most importantly, these modifications must perfectly fit the existing machinery or heavy equipment. And they must operate according to our client’s objective.

The first Powdery Mildew elimination cart utilizes technological advances UVC light. Designed and made by JW Portable Welding and Repair 2018
Sold prototype of powdery mildew elimination cart. This is a result of technological advances to fight mildew. Designed and made by JW Portable Welding & Repair. London, Ontario, 2018

Although, we accomplish most mechanical modifications on – site, the more complicated mechanical modifications are performed in our shop. In our welding shop, our goal is to make these modifications as light as possible and as strong as possible. Our curious mechanical approach and long industrial mechanical experience make this possible.

Step by step process

When we discuss goals of your mechanical design modification, we try to establish crucial factors we must meet for successful project implementation. Then, we try to understand how the machinery operates. And how many times we would have to adjust the planned modification to the machinery. The objective of modifications’ adjustments is to assure of a proper fit between the machinery and a new modifications. In depth knowledge of bearings, mechanical seals, gears, shafts, pins, valves and so on is very helpful. However, the paramount factors are: listening to operator and observing how machine works.

Innovative Technology of Metal Artwork Service

Our innovative metal artwork service involves combining contemporary and functional art. These pieces must look good and serve the purpose. We combine

  1. acrylic display case or box
  2. forged metal artwork and
  3. stone

to enhance security of your assets.

Our metal art pieces must cause the stunning effect. Therefore, we make our designs according to our clients’ cultural background, ethical and religious believes. We cooperate during the designing process with artists exceling in areas of our clients’ interest. Or artist recommended by our clients.

The artistic visions are then modified for practical implementation. The final sketches include also perspective comparison of art components’ sizes. The art components’ sizes on the natural background forms the first step in narrowing our artistic ideas. These details are discussed with our clients in depth since they affect the functionality of our art pieces and affect the stunning reaction. The final designing stage involves modeling which gives clients once again opportunity to critically adjust our efforts.