Welding for commercial builders on high rise apartment and industrial construction

Collage of our-welding projects high rise apartment and industrial construction. Made by JW Portable Welding & Repair, London, Ontario, 2018

We offer CSA W47 1 certified welder services in Ontario for commercial builders of high rise apartment building, industrial construction, and any other construction site.

Having a CSA W47 1 certified welder on construction site is very comfortable for the commercial builders. Although, the welding service on construction site  play a rather auxiliary role to a builder, they are necessary in construction of any building but especially on industrial construction, or high rise apartment building construction site.  The construction site welding services are not as important as iron work, concrete, electrical or plumbing work, but without them other trades can not perform.

All structural fabricators for construction industry are CWB certified and they offer welding services on construction sites for their clients as long as the client buys fabrications from them. However, having an independent certified welder makes also sense.

Benefits of having independent CSA W47 1 certified mobile welder

Builders who also have an independent ticketed welder benefit in following:

  1. quicker response time,
  2. no disagreements whose mistake it is,
  3. more efficient performance on site,
  4. better welding advancements for industrial construction and high rise apartment welding

Welder pulls a small portable and self-propelled welding machine on high rise apartment construction site of . By JW Portable Welding & Repair, London, Ontario, 2020 Welder pulls a small portable and self-propelled welding machine on high rise apartment construction site . By JW Portable Welding & Repair, London, Ontario, 2020

Remember :

  1. for the structural fabrication shop, the on-site welding service is a trouble fixer. Unfortunately, they must have it even if they have to subsidize it. The on-site welding service fixes small imperfections made by the shop due to discrepancies between drawings and construction reality. Therefore, they are very slow with their response,
  2. welder does not want to correct mistakes made by the fabrication shop since they will be free of charge. And  the existence of them proves that mistakes have appeared. This is an extra cost to a fabrication shop,
  3. ticketed welder who is employed by a structural steel fabrication shop is used to welding on shop floor. And therefore, his performance is much lower on construction site. Construction site’s environment is a penalty for him,
  4. mobile welding equipment owned by structural fabrication shop is heavy, lacks flexibility and reach.
  5. unionized labour occasionally provide auxiliary welding services to builders in situations when in the interest of their unionized contractor is to provide them. This happens when welding task slows their performance or when one of their unemployed members has some welding experience. Consequently, their welder welds just for them and sometimes uses substandard welding techniques.

Cutting with torch service. Made by JW Portable Welding & Repair, London, Ontario, 2017 Cutting with torch service. Made by JW Portable Welding & Repair, London, Ontario, 2017

Independent CSA W47 1 certified welder costs more

On the other side of the coin, the commercial builders should be aware that the independent ticketed welder could be more expensive  by a few dollars due to higher costs and lack of subsidizing from a fabrication shop . These costs that related to

  1. obtaining welding ticket,
  2. consumables and,
  3. welding equipment repairs

are absorbed usually by a structural fabrication shop. That is why you will find a price difference between an independent mobile welder and an on-site welding service offered by your structural steel fabrication shop. Therefore commercial builders should structure the agreement with their structural fabrication shop in such a way to benefit in certain situation of deployment of independent certified welder.

Situation on top floor of high rise apartment building, industrial building.

Some very specific situations, however, call for more advanced welding services on construction site. And many commercial builders are well aware of it. These specific situations relate to welding on top floors when the rental welding machine can not be lifted by crane and put there.

The last 3-4 floors are always challenging for builders. They are rushing, crane is preoccupied, auxiliary welding is needed on top floor that is congested. And stretching long welding cables from one end of a building to the other end is impossible. On top floor, welder must move in such a way that his work will not disturb work of labour crew pouring concrete or making preparation to pour concrete. Concrete takes priority here. Therefore our welder employs a small, mobile, and self-propelled welding machine that follows him as a vacuum cleaner.

Welding on top floor

We come with our small, self propelled gasoline welding machine on wheels and we weld all spots necessary on top 3 floors during the construction. And we do not disturb concrete work that is taking priority.

We pull our small welding machine through floor scaffolding without any problems, in the same way how you pull a vacuum cleaner in your apartment. This machine produces up to 175A output which is more than enough even if we will need to drop 200 ft of cables to weld 5 floors below. The set of extra welding cables is thin (No. 1) therefore they are easy to carry on the floor under construction.

Our portable self-propelled welding machine can be carried by two men on the stairs and will fit through any door opening. The gasoline refill takes place every 3 hours, but we usually refill this machine at every break.

Our supportive CSA W47 1 welding service in construction of high rise apartment building, industrial building, and any construction site.

We offer a relatively quick response time to builders who are our steady clients since we need their orders. Our CSA W47 1 ticketed welders moves efficiently through the project. We do not affect your concrete pouring work and do not affect your crane time. Our welding machine is a small and portable in comparison to a rental welding machines that are too bulky to put on the top floor.

Heavy steel channel welded to a heavy plate on high rise apartment construction site. Made by JW Portable Welding & Repair www.jwwelding.ca, London, Ontario, 2015 Heavy steel channel welded to a heavy plate on high rise apartment construction site. Made by JW Portable Welding & Repair, London, Ontario, 2015

We can do at one lift 3 floors since we can travel with our portable, self-propelled welding machine on the same floor level and then we can carry the machine on the stairs. Moreover, we can also drop welding cables to a lower floor and then weld there. Such convenient approach saves time and money for supportive welding during the construction of any building. You hire us every 2 or 3 floors and when you do not need us, we disappear. Our efficiency justifies higher prices.