Welder in London Ontario - First Contact

Welder in London Ontario , wearing a welding helmet, owner of JW Portable Welding & Repairs is talking to client on the phone

This article will help you to communicate your project’s details to JW Portable Welding & Repairs, welder in London Ontario, or in fact any welder.  In fact, JW Portable Welding & Repairs requires different information regarding your project for mobile welding, portable welding and fabrication or welding repair in our shop. Therefore, prior contacting us please read this article to minimize frustration on both sides. It is beneficial for you, our client and me, welder in London Ontario, to receive necessary information for quoting and/or moving forward your project.

In this article I have summarized major areas of miscommunication between any welder and it’s clients based on my long experience in welding business. As we all know the first contact makes a long-lasting impression, so let’s make a good one with your welder. Your project’s future depends on it.  Many large contractors are already aware of first impression importance, and I can clearly recognize the call from a large contractor. Therefore, disregarding if you are an engineer, a technician or a housewife please read this article to achieve better results in your project.

What to say to welder about your project – first contact

In this article I will try to convey to you what kind of information you must pass to JW Portable Welding & Repairs, welder in London Ontario, for the welder to understand what you want to do. And as much as it could be trivial to you, there is lots of things to talk about.

First, you must know differences between high carbon steel  , mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum since this is my first question. Second, you will have to know thicknesses of material so you will have to know how to use measuring tape. Here is how to read the standard measuring tape and here is how to read metric measuring tape. Although, many engineers and technicians are probably laughing at me at this moment, but I would like to remind you that many clients do not recognize metals and they do not know how to use a tape measure.

Contacting welder in London Ontario, JW Portable Welding & Repairs with your project details

You can contact JW Portable Welding & Repairs, advanced welding technology company in London Ontario, by calling, texting, website’s contact page and google messenger. Additionally, we are present on LinkedIn and Facebook and you can leave information there but we will not respond as quickly as in other instances.

You can find the phone number to call us on the home page of this website and you can use the same phone number for texting messages and pictures for your small project. You can also use Darek’s email visible on the home page to pass necessary project information for medium size projects. Moreover, you can use our contact page on JW Portable Welding & Repairs’ website to drop large files and contact us for larger projects involving more advanced welding technologies and procedures. Alternatively, you can use google messenger to contact Darek, owner of JW Portable Welding & Repairs.

Location of your project is a first consideration for JW Portable Welding & Repairs

Location of your project cause not only your concerns but also JW Portable Welding & Repairs’ concerns. These concerns could relate to variety of factors including covid restriction, variety of technical factors and final inspection and payment. Our concerns vary pending projects scheduled in for the

  1. Fabrication shop,
  2. mobile welding services, and
  3. portable welding services.

Project for welder in London Ontario with fabrication/welding shop

If you want to bring the project to welding shop for fabrication of a new weldment or repair of existing piece than of course you can resolve some miscommunication while in the shop. However, even with project in a shop certain issues should be clear out prior coming to the shop. These issues should involve drawing or lack of, project’s material, purpose of the project and general size of the project in length or weight. Additionally, I would ask you questions regarding Covind 19.

Due to our welding shop specializations and JW Portable Welding & Repairs specialization it is important to do preliminary vetting of welding shops and any welding company for ability to fabricate weldments without drawings, ability to weld project’s material in desired technology and ability to handle size of the project and its weight.

Fabrication project for our fabrication shop

In the first contact with the JW Portable Welding & Repairs, or any welder if you have a fabrication project you should state following:

I have a small (large) fabrication project for your shop, and I would like to send you drawings (or I would like to send you my sketch). The project involves mild steel (stainless steel , aluminum) thicknesses from ….. to ……. and some bending is required. The overall dimensions are about 6 feet x 4 feet, and it can be man handled since it is about 80 pounds. I have seen similar projects posted on your website that is why I am contacting you to send me a quote. The delivery time is in 3 weeks.

Welding repair project for our welding shop

However, if you have a welding repair to do in our shop then this is how you should convey a message:

I have a broken name the machine or part of the machine that is made from mild steel (stainless steel , aluminum) with average thicknesses ranging from ……..to ……..The overall dimensions are 4 feet by 2.5 feet and you will need a 1 ton crane to lift it. I need a complete refabrication in one section and professional welding of cracks in multiple places. Please maintain tolerances within 1/32 inch. I have seen similar project posted on your website that is why I would like to meet with you and discuss how it can be handled.

As you can see, in case of fabrication project you do not have to be very specific since the fabrication shop will receive the drawing or sketch. Unfortunately, in case of welding repair project we need to know more details and we will need to inspect the project prior approval for quoting. Pictures of your welding repair project are extremely important, and pictures of cracks are paramount. Also, in case of welding repair done in a welding shop, you can skip the remaining more sophisticated details since the welder will receive the piece to be repaired and the rest of the details can be discussed on the meeting in our shop.

When welder in London Ontario must come to you.

If your project requires a welder in London Ontario to come to you than obviously there is a greater chance for misconceptions and miscommunication. When you ask a welder to come to you, you are asking for mobile welding service or portable welding service. These services differ from each other significantly in price, technology, reach and mobility, and safety. Also, there is a greater possibility for our welder to be infected with Covid 19.

Mobile welding service by welders in London Ontario

The average mobile welder in London Ontario do not offer any other welding technology than Stick Welding (SMAW).

Mobile welders come to you with a self-propelled welding machine mounted on the truck or trailer and majority of them offer just SMAW technology for mild steel, stainless and very rarely aluminum. SMAW, stick welding, offers excellent strength of welds for mild steel for material thicker than 1/16”.

SMAW Mobile welding of stainless steel

In stainless alloys project, the difficulties start to mount pending the alloy specifications, thickness of material and welding position. Therefore, many mobile welders try to avoid stainless steel welding in vertical positions and overhead positions as well as welding thin stainless steel. Very good mobile welders will just do lower quality stainless steel in thicknesses greater than 1/16.

SMAW Mobile welding of aluminum

In aluminum alloys the difficulties quadruple in comparison to stainless steel. I just say this, JW Portable Welding & Repairs has tested 9 welding rods from manufactures in North America and we have selected just one rod that does decent job in most popular alloys used in construction industry.

GMAW Mobile welding by welders in London Ontario

A few mobile welders in London Ontario are able to weld GMAW, Mig, thin metals below 1/16” for mild steel or aluminum by utilizing attachments to the self-propelled welding machine. Very, very rarely they weld Mig stainless steel. These attachments are rather expensive, and these projects do not come too often. Therefore, the investment into these attachments can wait a long time for its return. That is why most mobile welders usually charge more for these types of welds. Of course, these welds must be performed inside a warehouse or a garage since the wind will blow the shielded gas.

Moreover, some welders use FMAW and they can weld mild steel in thicknesses thinner than 1/16” in open air with a dirty Mig. Please remember that there is a reason why this technology is called dirty Mig therefore any structural welds using FMAW are out of questions.  

Also, Mig welding of structural steel in open air is also out of question since any wind will make the weld unreliable. Aside of wind factor, welder’s ability to use MiG in mobile setting for welding structural steel can be questioned. In shop set up the welding machine is set up for GMAW structural steel and is operated buy a certified welder. However, the same welder would have difficulties to weld unknown thicknesses of structural steel in mobile settings since moisture, air temperature and welding positions would significantly differ from the shop environment.

Mobile welding reach

Mobile welders have a long reach which describes the distance from the welding machine to the place where the project is located. Sometimes the mobile welder positions the truck very close to the projects but sometimes the project is located at significant distance from the truck and then the welder must drag the welding cables to reach your project.

More importantly, mobile welders never connect their welding machines to the power in your facilities and they do not connect any auxiliary tools to your power either. The self-propelled welding machines generates all the power they need to accomplish your project.

Other concerns of mobile welders in London Ontario

Aside of technological restrictions mobile welders in London Ontario also face safety challenges such as working on heights or working in confined spaces therefore that must be prepared to handle these hazards properly. Additionally, mobile welders face fire hazards in many places where project is located and we at JW Portable Welding & Repairs treat fire hazard very seriously. In fact, we have refused some projects based on client’s reluctance to mitigate fire hazard.

Unless it is an urgent project, most mobile welders will visit the project prior welding and they will talk to you about details. Most mobile welders should provide you with quote per hour on the spot. However, if they will have to deliver material or other supplies the arrangement could be different. It is also very common for mobile welders to provide a total quote for small projects.

Contacting JW Portable Welding & Repairs, welder in London Ontario for mobile welding service

When contacting our mobile welder for the first time this is how you should convey your message.

I need a mobile welder comfortable with multi-position SMAW for welding involves mild steel (stainless steel , aluminum) thicknesses from ….. to …….. There will also be some material cutting required. The project involves fixing conveyor on the farm. Mobile welder will need a reach of about 60 feet for comfortable project management. The welder will not work on heights and no work in confined space is involved. There is no fire hazard either since you will be working in a large shop. The project is located about 50km from name the city. I am contacting you since I have noticed similar projects on your website. 

My initial visit prior welding

At JW Portable Welding & Repairs, I always visit the project prior sending the mobile welding unit. Also, I always make you aware of possible different approaches to the project since these approaches will determine the price. Additionally, I could suggest some additional improvements to your projects including different welding rods, pre-heating, and other details. Once you approved the estimate then I am sending you a mobile welder to perform welding on site. And yes, the travel time is included in the quote.

Mobile welder’s visit prior beginning of the project is very beneficial for client and the welder itself. Experienced mobile welder will notice many details that are important to him/her such as lockout procedures or position modifications. Additionally, some other issues should be discussed such as pre-heating, cleaning prior welding and of course welding rods specifications.

JW Portable Welding & Repairs’ mobile welding service technological capabilities

We have 3 mobile welding units each equipped with self-propelled diesel welding machine, and we have 2 attachments set for welding Mig mild steel and welding Mig stainless steel. We can also accommodate orders for Mig aluminum but you will have to wait for delivery of this service. The total reach of every unit is about 600ft.

We are certified for working on heights and working in confined spaces. Our crew member is also certified as a watchman for confined space, and he always takes this position when we work in confined space. We take mitigating the hazards very seriously and we refuse to work for clients who are negligent in taking our efforts seriously.  This also refers to Covid-19 restrictions.

Portable welding service by welder in London Ontario

Portable welders also come to you with their sophisticated welding technologies that over exceed many times rather simplistic setup of mobile welders. These portable welders come to you with multiple welding machines located on trailer. These machines will be manually unloaded and plug in to power in your facilities. The portable welder usually takes possession of some area in your facilities for duration of the project that could last from one week to many weeks. The area designated for portable welder is separated by tarping and is excluded for your employees.

Portable welders take care of sophisticated projects in place and their welding capabilities exceed many times the welding capabilities of mobile welders. Many welds for portable welders are not covered by any certifications therefore testing welds and portable welders is very important.

Call portable welders a few times

It is very important to call portable welders a few times to get more insight into their technological capabilities. On the second call you should ask specific questions regarding parameters of welding machines in possession of portable welders. Client should verify welder’s certifications for standard welding tasks and should clarify testing parameters for specific welding procedures.

The objective of the second call is to find out if portable welders feel comfortable doing this project. The portable welding projects sometimes take a very long time to be set up properly and they usually require significant lead time. These projects do not only include testing of welds but also testing of metals, purchasing of parts and testing of parts for different functionalities.

Contacting, JW Portable Welding & Repairs, welder in London Ontario for portable welding service

When contacting us for portable welders, the approach is slightly different.

I need a portable welder comfortable with multi process welding ofstructural steel and aluminumin variety of thicknesses ranging from …..to …….. The stringent welding procedures are required based on supplied documentation. Welders must be tested in shop prior commencing with the project. I would like to send you afull documentation package ( or I would like to show you the project and I would like you to meet the team that will coordinate your activities)The project supposed to start in next 4 weeks and should last about 5 weeks.  

Can I call you in 2 days to ask you more questions regarding your company’s technological capabilities?

Portable welding service @ JW Portable Welding & Repairs

We consider portable welding our specialty. That is why the owner had named this company JW Portable Welding & Repairs since he had noticed a great need for highly skilled welders on very sophisticated projects. It is not in many clients’ interest to spend their funds for sophisticated welding machine and employ a highly skilled welder and then use it just a few times a year. That is why they choose us to come on board. This is as simple as it is. And, in fact our portable welding service is so unique that we travel from London up to Peterborough with this service.

In portable welding business the preparation stage is almost as important as an implementation stage. In the preparation stage we test alloys to be welded and we test welding procedures to be applied. We also purchase parts for your project. Most importantly we test our welders to apply the welding procedures in the most efficient way. As you can see, JW Portable Welding & Repairs takes care of all these necessary steps in your project.

Please keep in mind that at JW Portable Welding & Repairs the welder who has passed our testing on your project becomes your designated welder. That means that welder who was tested in our shop will weld on your project. The untested welders will be disallowed to weld in your project. In this way, we avoid experimenting with your project.

Our welders also fabricate from sketches and drawings within portable welding service.

Watch for amateurs!!!

Whereas most portable welders provide very advance welding services, unfortunately some amateur of welding try to portray themselves as portable welders since their small hobby welding machines must be connected to your power. If you find that these welders connect their hobby welding machine to 110V and they try to weld mild steel thicker than ¼ inch, than please let them go.  The welds generated by these welding machines are very low quality and they are cold. Any money paid to these amateur welders will go to waste.

Additional considerations’ statements at the first contact

Additional considerations when contacting welder for the first time include the welder’s capability to generate required welds in specific metals, technological capabilities such as bending or drilling and perhaps trade’s specialization.

The additional considerations should take place also during the initial call since these considerations will impact the quality and welder’s performance on the project.

Additional question to ask in initial call

  1. Are you comfortable to generate full penetration on single V in  3/8” stainless steel with SMAW? Since we will not use GMAW.
  2. Are you comfortable to generate surface abrasion resistance welds?
  3. Do you have portable drilling capability or bore machining capability?
  4. What is your trade’s background?

Type of weld generation in specific metals

If your project requires special groove penetration, full weld penetration or resistance to vibration, impact, corrosion and so on, then you should ask the welder if he/she is comfortable doing it. It is better to ask prior beginning of the project than have a headache at the end of it.

There are many types of welds and joints in welding business. Certainly, the most popular is a fillet weld but there are groove welds, single bevel, double bevel, V groove, double V groove, J groove, double J groove, U groove, double U groove and then there are flares. As you can expect these edge preparations, demand different skills from the welder and they impose different challenges pending the metal used. The consequences of welder’s mistakes in the groove will be different in each metal.

The full penetration impacts the weld strength. More penetration means stronger weld and full penetration usually means full strength weld. Although, in mild steel the full penetration is easily achievable, but in stainless steel and aluminum certain technologies fail due to variety of reasons.

Moreover, if you require certain welds to sustain vibration, abrasion, impact, or chemical corrosion than you should ask the welder if he/she ever welded with these alloys or at least if he/she is open to the tests prior project begins.

Call welder in London Ontario with these questions

Call us with these questions and you will be surprised with our answers. Let’s talk about your project. In case you will not choose us, at least you will gain some knowledge about advanced welding technologies.

We have done it all and we have pictures to prove it. We have done it for high carbon steel, mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum in variety of technologies. And we know weaknesses of each technology in particular setup and we know how to minimize these weaknesses.

Special technological capabilities

These technological capabilities sometimes are more important than welding itself. As simple as it seems to be, drilling and machining could cause many problems. Well, most welding shops have capability for some machining or drilling but things get complicated very fast once you will start asking questions regarding portable drilling or portable machining. These machines are sophisticated, and they cost quite a lot. The degree of sophistication required will determine the local availability. More sophisticated equipment could be sourced only among specialized services.

Welder in London Ontario is developing capability of line bore welding and machining from 1-1/2 inch to 15 – 1/2 inch. Once JW Portable Welding & Repairs will be ready to provide this service we will definitely advertise it on our website. In meantime, you can enquire about our readiness for bore welding and machining and our prices for this service.

Welder’s trade background

Welder’s trade background impacts welder’s performance very significantly. Many welders have no trade background and they have learned welding by necessity to accomplish something in their own project. Then there a labors that took basic welding course in Mig .

Once you pass the basics, then you will find ironworkers, millwrights, and pipefitters, sheet metal workers. Ironworkers specialize in welding structural construction elements, and they go through certification. Millwrights also weld structural steel and are certified welders, but also are exposed to welding different metals through maintenance work. Pipefitters specialize in welding pipes, and they are certified. Sheet metal workers weld sheet metal and they are not certified welders, but they are masters of bending sheet metal.

JW Portable Welding & Repairs, welder in London Ontario trade background

JW Portable Welding & Repairs’ trade background is millwrighting, and all welders are also certified millwrights; some possess construction certifications and other have industrial certifications. This is where we start but this is just beginning since we consider ourselves as masters of welding.

We form a group of welders that possess multiple certifications in variety of metals and in different joints compositions. Such experience supported by necessary testing of designated portable welders makes a huge difference for problem resolutions. These resolutions not only could involve cracks elimination but also alignment problems and deflections.

 We combine the welding knowledge in

  1. variety of metals in different thicknesses,
  2. different of welding technologies,
  3. variety of joints and grooves

We can also work according to variety of tolerances, and this is a skill that just a few welders possess.

And we do all of it.

Sending pictures or drawings to welder in London Ontatrio is paramount for project success

I always stress the importance of pictures for your project success. However, many pictures that I receive do not do justice to your project. Picture says a 1000 of words as long as it talks. The picture will not talk if does not contain useful information.

Many of these pictures simply do not deliver useful information to the welder in London Ontario. Perhaps now is the time to describe what kind of pictures welders are looking for. You will find very soon that welder is looking for different pictures than pictures posted on Facebook or different social media. 

I am always looking for technical pictures that will deliver useful information regarding the project. Such information should include following information:

  1. Location of the project.
  2. Immediate surroundings of the project
  3. Project main picture with dimensions: length, height, and weight
  4. Project’s metal and its thicknesses
  5. Immediate surrounding of about 2 feet radius from the damage
  6. Closeup of the damage or damages.

Location of the welding project picture

If you think that the address does not describe the location of your project, than please send me the picture of the location. Such additional information is very useful in industrial areas and in farming areas. It often happens that I am searching the location for minutes passing the entrance.

Immediate surroundings of the project picture

This image will allow me to judge immediate hazards of the projects. These hazards include fire hazard, welding hazards, falls and confined space. Although, these hazards will impact the price of your project, I must still inspect them during initial visit.

Project’s main picture

The project main picture is extremely important since it provides important information regarding the size of the project. I am always looking for clues regarding the size of the project including its total length, height and possibly weight. Moreover, I am also looking for details how to move the project, turn it or perhaps remove some parts to make work easier.

Project metal and its thickness picture

This type of information is crucial since it deeply impacts welding technology delivered, auxiliary tools and welding consumables. If you take a picture that describe the thickness, please put a tape measure on it so I can judge myself the thickness of material.

Immediate surroundings of about 2 feet radius from the damage

When doing this picture please put the measuring tape close by too. This information is extremely important to me since it allows me to judge the risk of damaging other parts during welding. The space surrounding the damage allows also to judge what kind of auxiliary tools I can deploy in your project, The lack of space surrounding the immediate damage can also affect the welding technology used.

Closeup of the damage or damages picture

If you put the measuring tape here, I can judge not only thicknesses of the material damaged but also shape of the damage and characteristic of metal. Obviously, I will be looking for any sign of castings since this will affect my welding consumables used on your projects. I will be also looking for severe bends and the way how to repair the damage including welding in a “fish” plate. The closeup will provide tremendous number of details for shaping your “fish” plate.  And the shape of the fish plate will affect the utilization time of your project.

Pictures and movies for JW Portable Welding & Repairs

Small project’s pictures you can text to phone number visible here. Medium size project’s pictures you can email to Darek on email address clearly visible on home page of our website. However, if you have a more sophisticated project and you want to deliver more images and perhaps some movies of working machines than please use contact page on our website.

Uploading pictures, short movie and other files on our website.

The uploading is very easy, and you are able even upload short movie files if you need to show me how the machine works. Simply, visit our contact page and you can select files for uploading or you can drop files you want to upload. Once the uploading has been finished click send and the welder in London Ontario well get all your files.