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Written by admin, 23 February 2022

A finesse and and modern design of window security grill installed outside the window. JW Portable Welding & Repairs 2020 London, Ontario

JW Portable Welding & Repairs fabricates and installs window security grill for residential and commercial clients in London area as well as in Southern Ontario. We fabricate these window grills from wrought iron rods in thicknesses from 3/8″ to 3/4″ pending the customer requirements.

We deliver custom made window security grills for each window. They are solid, well welded and heavy since we fabricate them from a solid wrought iron that is more difficult to cut with a cutting disc on a grinder as suppose to grills made from tube. The wrought iron allows us also to weld our window grills with solid welds characterized by deeper weld penetration.

The balance of security with esthetics in window security grill

The security factor influence heavily our designs as well as our installation. However, generally speaking commercial clients have rather different requirements from clients in residential areas. As commercial clients stress the security of their businesses the residential clients try to balance the esthetics with security in attempts to avoid unpleasant impressions.

Residential clients prefer a more balanced effort

We accommodate our designs to residential client’s requirements and to client’s budget. Also, in our opinion the esthetics play a major role in designing of our custom made window security grill for a residential market. Especially, in residential market many home owners opt for rather thinner wrought iron rod in attempt to avoid the impression of a prison grill.

Obviously, thieves can break-in to your house through every window, if they expect to heist millions. These type of thieves, will break-in through any window grill if they have enough time to do it and they equipment will not fail. However, considering that most thieves’ skills are far from ideal, the role of a window security grill is to discourage their attempts and resist their efforts for as long as possible. Therefore a proper window security grill complements other security tools and devices.

2 basic rules in designing window security grill for homeowners

In general, for in residential market there are two basic rules for window grill.

Rule number one. The windows on lower elevations should have the most ridged protection. That is why the basement windows should be fabricated from the heavier material with prongs in small distances to make cutting them as difficult as it can be.

The rule number two is that higher elevation require more esthetically pleased window security grills that can be installed outside or inside.

Grill with house number installed inside on the door. JW Portable Welding & Repairs 2019, London, Ontario
Grill with house number installed inside on the door. JW Portable Welding & Repairs 2019, London, Ontario

The installation inside allows for protection of the grill since the burglar first must break the window and then has to cut the wrought iron. And cutting the grill with the grinder with broken glass everywhere is a very dangerous task. Please also keep in mind that the burglars should see from outside that you have the window security grill installed inside. Certainly, these type of installation requires also making such grill removable for window cleaning purposes.

Commercial clients prefer window security with the touch of finesse

The commercial clients usually insist on security aspect in designing of window grill. However, occasionally clients from hospitality industry still want some finesse. Many heavy built window grills with 1/2″ or 5/8″ thick prongs provide excellent security, however, the traditional designs that are the most reasonably priced usually look very similar to a prison cell grill.

Most clients in hospitality industry simply can not afford any association of their business with the prison’s image. And they are right. Ask yourself if you would like to have a beer in a prison this afternoon in a prison cell. I guess you would rather try to avoid it.

Solution for avoiding the heavy built look of window security

In order to avoid any image association with a prison cell, we tend to provide following solutions

  • Change the shape of straight prongs into other shape of prongs somehow related to the nature of client’s business.
  • Insert laser cut image that is associated with the nature of the business into the structure of window grill
  • Change the colour of the grill from black to a more lighter colour

Sacrificing the security priority opens many possibilities

Many businesses located in relatively secure communities often opt for less secure window grill. These businesses usually rely on other security options anyway and they treat the window security grill as a rather supportive solution

Here is the example of such attempt.

A finesse and modern window security grill installed on window of a business. JW Portable Welding & Repairs 2020, London, Ontario
A finesse and modern window security grill installed on window of a business. JW Portable Welding & Repairs 2020, London, Ontario

Please contact us for more information. The supplied material was coming from Steel Centre

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