Stainless Steel Fabricator


As a stainless steel fabricator, we provide custom stainless steel fabrication services in our stainless-steel welding shop in London, Ontario.  We fabricate one custom stainless-steel fabrication piece or multiple same stainless steel fabrication pieces. There is no project too small for us. In our stainless steel fabrications, we utilize Tig and/or Mig techniques along with construction grade and food grade stainless steel alloys.

Stainless steel fabrication of towing hook cover's step and rear bumper protection. JW Portable Welding & Repair, London, Ontario, 2018 Stainless steel fabricator’s production of towing hook cover’s step and rear bumper protection. JW Portable Welding & Repair, London, Ontario, 2018

If you are looking for an stainless steel fabricator for your custom stainless steel project, you are welcome to initiate our quoting process by attaching the drawings of your planned stainless steel fabrication to your email. Although, we gladly respond to all quoting inquiries, we are most capable in area of precision stainless steel fabrication.  If you do not have engineering drawings but you know exactly what you want than please attach you sketch of your idea to your email. And we will accomplish the rest.

Our food grade stainless steel fabrication with GTAW (Tig)

We have fabricated majority of our stainless-steel fabrications utilizing Tig stainless steel welding and they have involved combinations of brackets, hangers, positioners, nozzles. On many of these projects, we had to built variety of positioning jigs to help us quickly position stainless steel elements prior fabrication will take place. If your fabrication contains TSSA standard welding, pressure weld in stainless steel, please remember that the cost of fabrication will depend on volume of these welds and their sizes.

Stainless steel fabrication of kitchen hangers. Made by JW Portable Welding & Repair, London, Ontario, 2016 Stainless steel fabrication of kitchen hangers. Made by JW Portable Welding & Repair, London, Ontario, 2016

We have also our Mig stainless steel welding machine but so far it’s use for food grade stainless steel fabrications is rather related to portable on-site applications. So far, we have received stainless steel fabrication projects demanding rather small and short welds therefore our Mig stainless steel welding machine has been utilized rather for long sealing welds in stainless steel.

Stainless Steel re-fabrication of old stainless-steel tables and pots in pizza chains and restaurants

Occasionally, we re-fabricate old stainless-steel tables or mixing pots in large quantity. Large pizza chains and other fast food chains contact us to  re – fabricate a large quantity of their kitchen equipment. Predominantly, we take care of re – fabrication of their stainless steel kitchen tables and stainless steel large pots.

Stainless steel re - fabrication of stainless kitchen tables. Made by JW Portable Welding & Repair. London, Ontario, 2017 Stainless steel fabricator’s project of stainless kitchen tables repair. Made by JW Portable Welding & Repair. London, Ontario, 2017

These tables go through a real transformation in our stainless-steel welding shop with the objective to:

  1. change shape of these stainless-steel tables,
  2. increase their functionality such as holding more containers of certain sizes, and
  3. improve stability of legs.

The stainless-steel pots go through transformation too. The re – fabrication of pots increases their rigidity and therefore we:

  1. add thicker stainless steel locating pins to them,
  2. increase the strength of the ring surrounding the pot that will be welded to the pot on the 1/3 of the circumference in two opposite places,
  3. plug holes, and
  4. add additional bottom from wear resistant alloy to allow the pot to be drugged on the floor.

Once everything is done to your expectation and confirmed by pictures taken of each piece then you will get the delivery of your re-fabricated stainless-steel prep tables and pots.

Good planning for equipment repair

Clients and us join together to plan and properly mark such re – fabrications. We must properly mark and describe each piece in such a way that later on there is no doubt what we have to do. Furthermore, we keep the report of all tags attached to each piece of equipment. The sufficient time spent by us in client’s warehouse rewards the client later on in our efficiency and lack of mistakes.  Once, we properly tag all equipment and record all re-fabrications then we haul the whole load to our fabrication shop in London.

Cleaning stainless steel surface prior welding

We must remove oily residue from all welding spots prior stainless-steel welding. Any stone or calcium deposits also prohibit any welding process. Therefore, we clean  intensely any crevices that are being welded since the hidden oil and residue decreases the effective seal and strength of our stainless steel welds. The cleaning of crevices is time consuming.

Testing leaks prior and after welding

We test all kitchen equipment prior and after stainless steel welding. Shortly after cleaning, we begin testing of your equipment leaks with the objective to determine their location. We locate approximately 95% of leaks at the first approach. After the equipment re – fabrication is completed and the damaged joints are welded, we begin leak testing once again. The leak repairs process continues until the structure is completely sealed.

Excels in construction grade stainless steel fabrication

We are among few stainless-steel fabricators that use mig welding stainless steel to weld construction grade stainless steel fabrication pieces. Stainless steel fabricators produce heavy stainless-steel deposits on stainless steel construction elements. These elements could be are large size pipes or structural elements. We recommend Mig welding stainless steel technique to achieve this objective.

Due to the small size of our shop we can not accommodate large stainless steel elements. So far, we have fabricated thick stainless steel jigs and fair size brackets for construction industry. These projects land in our shop when some stainless-steel construction is going on in local area. And the constructors policy prohibits mild steel elements on their construction site.

We are able to produce heavy stainless-steel welds using our Mig stainless steel welding machine. Unfortunately, our small welding shop imposes certain weight and size restriction. All elements must be man handled at present time.