Advent Wreath Stand

Written by admin, 27 January 2022

Large Advent Wreath Stand with Advent Candles in St. George church, London, Ontario. JW Portable Welding 2021

JW Portable Welding fabricates and delivers large size Advent Wreath Stand. We custom fabricate these Advent Wreaths based on clients’ designs and recommendations. The customization of these wreaths involves size of the base, height of the stand, bend rolling angle and size of candle cups. Although, the presented below advent wreath stand’s design involves 4 candles, the more elaborate designs could involve more candles.

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Advent wreath stand’s fabrication in the welding shop

The presented below advent wreath stand is about 55 inches tall and weights about 76 lb. The whole structure of the fabricated advent wreath is made from mild steel in different thicknesses ranging from 1/4″ to 1/2″. Many elements are laser cut, rolled and then welded.

Please contact us in regards to advent wreath stand for your church. References are available.

Certain design principles to keep in mind

We are well aware that your advent wreath must look perfectly. The perfectionism must be reflected not only in fabrications style, pleasant appearance and functionality but also in well balanced design. The perfectionism starts with hidden welds or polished welds if we could not hide them. Therefore the whole surface is smooth and has no visible welds.

Aside of hiding welds, we have also thought about functionality of our wreath. The custom size candle cups fit exactly to your candles and 3 spikes at the bottom of the cup will anchor each candle. Even though we have positioned cups on different elevations, these cups are perfectly levelled. The two joined rings surrounding the main column of the stand provide sufficient support for traditional decoration.

The pleasant appearance is very important since, we know, we have to deliver advent effect to people with different artistic visions. We know that hundreds of people will inspect each of our wreath stands. The angularly positioned metal rings’ structure hangs on the chains attached to the candle cups. The chain’s length from the bottom of the cap to the top ring can be regulated pending your artistic vision. The angular plane of these rings matches the angle of candle cups’ plane. Such design adds to overall effect. Traditionally, we paint each stand in matt black for better effect.

The whole structure must be perfectly balanced

The perfectly balanced structure is extremely important. The position of candle cups surrounding a column is crucial for structural stability. Each candle cup’s distance to the center of the column is exactly the same. Therefore the stand with heavy candles balances itself. For additional balancing support, we have placed a center weight of the whole structure right at the bottom. The heavy base plates additionally support the balancing act of the whole stand.

We deliver our advent wreath stands to your location

These advent wreath stands are heavy. The presented model on the pictures weight 76 lb, but we have larger models in our design portfolio. These larger models could weight about up to 110 lb. Therefore prices offered include delivery to your location. We also unload the stand and place them where you want it. Due to load stabilization techniques and packaging protection our stands very rarely get scratches. However, if you will notice any scratches on your stand, we are going to fix them on the spot.

Business references are available upon request

JW Portable Welding will provide reputable business references upon client’s request.

Here is the article historical background of advent wreaths.

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