Altar folding step stool

Written by admin, 30 January 2022

Altar folding step stool in action. JW Portable Welding 2021 London, Ontario

JW Portable Welding & Repairs fabricates altar folding step stool that allows a comfortable access to the microphone by people of different height. It is a common problem for multiple speakers of different height to use comfortably one permanently fixed microphone.

Comfortable position while speaking allows for voice to vibrate in intonations expressing human emotions. Therefore, speakers who have comfortable position more precisely pass the intended message.

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Altar folding step stool has two comfortable positions

We have permanently anchored our altar folding step stool to the floor of the churches altar therefore speakers can not accidently move it or kicked out . In essence, the design allows for two comfortable for speakers positions.

The shorter speakers use our altar folding step in the unfolded position or in platform position. The platform position allows the speaker to move closely to microphone at comfortable height. It also allows to move comfortably while speaking on the platform without a risk of moving the platform. Moreover, it allows the speaker to comfortably step up on the platform and then step back from the platform without touching the stool’s handle with the foot. Also, the platform top surface contains 4 anti-slippery stripes for speaker’s safety. These stripes could loose their grip over time and then you could replace them. Please notice the contracts colour of the folding step handle. Such colour serves as a warning precaution for the incoming speaker.

In folded position the altar folding step stool allows the tall speaker to approach closely the microphone without the need to step onto the platform. The tall speaker places the feet between the stool’s legs for close position to the microphone. In this case, the tall speaker is able to insert the feet in about 6 inches deep under the stool. I would like to mention that the width and height of the opening allows to move comfortably tall speaker’s feet under the stool.

Our folding stool accommodates speakers up to 500lb

We would like to mention that we have rated our altar stool for 500lb. Also it is worth mentioning that we have fabricated our stool from mild steel. Not only we have used special ribbing increasing the strength of the top flat surfaces but also the whole weldment contains multiple stitch welds on the inside and outside increasing resistance to cracking. Obviously, we have buffed all welds on the outside to allow for safe contact with shoes or human hands. Then, we have painted our altar stool in black matt colour. Please notice also that the handle never touches in the altar’s floor or speaker’s podium while folding or unfolding the stool.

We are capable to fabricate our altar folding step stool in aluminum which will make folding and unfolding of the stool easier due to reduction of weight.

At this moment, I would like to mention Namcor with their laser cutting service. Their precise cutting allowed us to fabricate this relatively complex altar folding step.

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