Portable welder service for more sophisticated projects

Images of our most popular portable welders

Our portable welder brings Mig welding, Tig welding and stick welding machines to you. These portable welding machines are relatively light and we do not need forklift to unload them. Our portable welder unloads the portable welding machines from the trailer and connects them to your power outlets. The portable welder uses these highly modified and specialized medium size welding machines to perform more complex welding in your facilities.

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Portable welder bring portable welding machines to you. Why?

There are many reasons why we bring portable welding machines such as portable Mig welding and portable Tig welding machines to you. These reasons of mobile welding deficiency roots are welding technology, deficiencies in mobile welding operation and your project’s objectives

Technological advantage of portable Mig welding and Tig welding machines

As much as, we update our mobile welding technology, this technology simply does not provide sophistication that is necessary for your project. These mobile welding machines are engine driven self propelled, focused on high power SMAW or Stick welding. And, considering technology involve for Tig welding and Mig welding they are simply not sophisticated enough.

Even, considering most modern self propelled, diesel or gasoline engine driven, welding machines with their all modern attachments, they do not stand a chance with modern portable welding machines. We use portable welding machines in cases where mobile welding does mot provide the sophistication needed and we need more responsive or more specialized welding machines.

Our portable welder offers Mig welding with GMAW welding machines with 2 welding guns. We have one gun for welding steel and another for welding aluminum to increase efficiency and flexibility. JW Portable Welding, London, Ontario, 2022
Our portable welder offers Mig welding with GMAW welding machines with 2 welding guns. We have one gun for welding steel and another for welding aluminum to increase efficiency and flexibility. JW Portable Welding, London, Ontario, 2022

Our portable welder uses advanced medium size Mig welders requiring input of 220V single phase, portable SMAW welders requiring 220V / 110V also single phase. Moreover, he uses portable advanced GTAW welders with water cooled Tig guns and light self-propelled welder generator.

Precision welding and high responsiveness of portable welding machines

Most importantly, however, our portable welder use these portable welding machines when the project demands precision welding and high machine responsiveness. I can not stress enough to our clients that in their best interest is to have a portable welder doing more complex welding of aluminum or stainless steel.

Frequently, we use also these machines when we weld under multiple welding parameters too. With precise parameters’ setups close to the welder the welding on different thicknesses of material goes smoothly.

Most of our portable welders setup allows only one welding technology. These modified machines have many attachments. These machines are highly specialized and therefore we pay a great attention not to damage them. In particular, we do not allow visitors or bystanders touching them, moving them, or operating them.

Your project requires welder’s presence in your facilities longer than 2 days

Moreover, the mobile welding machines suit mobile welding operation which is based on relatively quick welding support to clients in need. The mobile welder comes to client for 2 hours, few hours, or 2 days. Today, he uses stick welding to help you, perhaps makes some small tacks with scratch tig, or makes some small welds with mig attachment. And tomorrow, this mobile welder helps another client in different location.

This is the nature of mobile business. Since your project requires us to stay in your facilities for a few days, a week, or few weeks, that is why we bring our portable machines to you. With present cost of fuel, towing our trailer to your location wouldn’t be efficient either and it would cost you much more than us traveling in car or truck.

Presence of long welding leads

The presence of long welding leads, welding cables, creates variety of issues. Long welding leads create tripping hazard in high traffic areas in restaurants, malls and offices. In large warehouses, the forklifts can damage these stretched leads or in extreme situations they can pull them. And, when we have to weld on top of the roof of 10 story apartment building, stretching and then pulling these cables would take us half day. Then folding them up would take another half day.

Noise, exhaust gases, and lack of space issues

The noise, exhaust gases, and lack of space also limit the popularity of mobile welding machines. Noise and exhaust gases act as deterrent. Workers trat them as pollutants. Lack of space causes traffic issues and placement of mobile welding machines on the roads in afternoon hours contradicts municipal policies.

The self-propelled welding machines are very noisy. The longer presence of mobile welding machines in one spot act as annoyance for the residents. Especially, if these machines would operate in close proximity of their houses. Our mobile welding machines are not as noisy since the enclosed trailer contains them, but still their noise could upset your neighbor.

In many warehouses and factories, gasoline and diesel self propelled welding machines are not allowed inside due to exhaust gases pollution. Although, we at JW Portable Welding can divert the exhaust gases generated by our machine outside of the building, still many clients do not want to deal with this issue.

Placement of our mobile unit is very challenging in downtowns, high traffic areas, and in areas with scarcity of parking such as bridges and underground passes. The parking issues most often limits our mobile operation in afternoon and evening hours.

Your Project’s objectives

The client’s project’s objectives are the most important factors for implementation of our portable welder’s technologies. Many clients would like or must do their project in house but they do not have skilled welders and sophisticated welding machines. This is our portable welder’s client base.

Our clients would like, preferred or must run certain projects in house since they want to maintain control over the project. The ability to control the project assures them of project’s success. Certainly, the owner and/or managers run only the most important project in this way. And, then they call JW Portable Welding & repairs. for the most important projects

Multiple fitting processes are required since there is no drawings

The custom fabrication process requires multiple fittings to existing production machinery or existing production process. Therefore, client wants to be assured that the weldment will fit to the machine or multiple machines located on the floor in his manufacturing facility. In such cases, we are often forced to fabricate from our sketches and use fitting processes as feedback. Moreover, we can easily consult the managers and competent workers for detailed functionalities of particular fabricated detail. Such approach makes our fabrication more customized to client’s needs.

Assurance of proper welding procedures and proper assembly procedures

The welding process involves improvement of element’s structural integrity and client wants to make sure that we follow the proper welding procedures. Consequently, we allow the managers to visit our designated place on client’s floor as often as they want. We also keep detailed pictures of welds, their joints and joint preparations. We also keep records of temperatures for certain welding procedures.

Most importantly, the client’s concerns refer to missing welds. Most maintenance engineers and production engineers are aware that many hand welded machinery contains unwelded joints. These unwelded joints significantly contribute to equipment structural failure.

Most of our rebuilds involve also assembly of mechanical components or placement of mechanical components. Therefore, client wants to test these components for proper operation after we have finished welding in proximity of these components. Definitely journeyman millwright qualifications and certification of interprovincial industrial mechanic license carries some reputation in this regard.

Multiple vibration or impact testing is needed

The repair involves variety of cracks since the element was exposed to excessive vibration or persistent impact. In this instances, the client insist on testing of our partial weldment in real application, prior proceeding to the next stage. These test usually involve vibration tests or occasionally impact tests.

Trade secret or patent secret

Our project sometimes involves trade secrets or patent. Therefore clients definitely prefer to be more directly involved in our operation on their facilities. If the client does not want to expose trade secret to us we can work with the templates provided or we can sign non disclosure agreement.

However, more troubling are patents or trade secrets of third parties. These trouble arise when we have to weld something to parts covered by patents and we can not obtain information what is inside or what alloy we are dealing with. Small suggestions or hints help as a lot in this regard.

Cost and efficiency control

Most owners and managers when faced with complex and difficult projects question efficiency of workers or contractors. The in house, on site, portable welding option allows them to control this very important aspect of the project.

Our portable welder saves money spent on over – engineering your project. The engineering of these complex projects would take months since they would involve 3D cad drawings and probably you would have to hire an outside engineering firm. The engineers would have to take precise dimensions and create 3D solution for you. It will definitely look very beautiful, but nobody knows if it will work. However, everybody knows that it will be very costly.

If you do not want to commit to such high cost and you must rush up with this project, call us and give a chance to our portable welders. Our portable welders are not only efficient but also very flexible. If you decide that project’s progress is not worth the money you spent on it, let us know about it and we will remove ourselves from your facilities next day. The time and material ( T & M ) approach puts you in control.

The client has saved on engineering cost and significantly speed up the overall improvement process involving support for large aluminum mold. Please compare the bottom model to the new top model. JW Portable Welding, London, Ontario, 2018
The client has saved on engineering cost and significantly speed up the overall improvement process involving support for large aluminum mold. Please compare the bottom support to the new support to the same mold. JW Portable Welding, London, Ontario, 2018

Destructive testing & custom welding procedures

We also tend to conduct in – shop destructive testing of welded joints that we will use in your sophisticated projects. In this way, there is no room for mistakes. Our certified welder tests particulars of our welding machine set up along with parameters and type of recommended welding consumable. Moreover, during the testing, we pay attention to risks of warpage and cracks, to gun positioning, and to many other factors.

When the welding is finished your portable welder damages the joints under the condition described by the client. If the weld breaks he analyzes the welds and changes welding parameters accordingly. Once he develops the optimal welding procedure then it is a client’s turn to test it. Client’s approval of custom welding procedure is necessary for our portable welders to use it on your project.

JW Portable Welding and Repairs provides destructive testing and develops custom welding procedures for Tig welding and Mig welding involving unpopular alloys.

The certified portable welders coming to your facilities are already trained in the welding procedures suitable for your project.

The project’s utilization goals

Our mobile welder takes your project’s utilization goals to his heart. That is why we provide destructive testing and write custom welding procedures.

Defining the client’s utilization goals is extremely important for any project involving mobile welding service. The decisions are rather straight forward and depend of the project’s characteristics, budget and project’s utilization period. Welding repairs on expensive equipment worth hundreds of thousand of dollars with utilization period of many years, obviously are treated differently from welding on the old gate worth $400. Generally speaking, the utilization period of your project will depend on following factors:

  1. rust settlement and how quickly will consume your structure
  2. efficiency of your equipment operation and how hard you can push your equipment to operate to its maximum limits.
  3. precision of your equipment’s operation
  4. safety of handrails, railings and guards
  5. future cracks’ development in welds and in metal that will affect structural integrity
  6. effective seal against leaking
  7. assembly and disassembly of components
  8. impact damage resistance
  9. element’s chemical resistance

Portable Welder on client’s premises

Our main goal on your premises is to minimize our impact on your business operation and to accomplish your project as efficiently as we can following your policies, safety procedures and communication channels.

Choosing the location for us is relatively easy since we have only two conditions. We must have ability to plug in our portable welding machines to 220V single phase outlets and the place has to be relatively well ventilated but our portable welder usually brings its own ventilators and lights.

Portable welder separates its working area

We separate our working area from your your business’s operation area with heavy duty tarps that we hang from the ceiling to the floor. In this way we mitigate the significant fire hazard, dust particle hazard and light flashing hazard. These heavy duty tarps mitigate also noise generated by our grinders.

Our tarped area is accessible to designated client’s employees and is restricted to general public and to other employees. Due to intense operation, our area gests very dirty and must be cleaned daily prior next day work or sometimes a few times during the one shift operation. We secure and transport hot cut out elements for recycling using our container or our client’s containers.

Portable welders increase fire hazards

Portable welder increase fire hazards even if the welder takes effort to mitigate it by tarping its working area. In fact, the fire hazard generated by portable welders is much greater in comparison to hazards generated by mobile welders. The portable welders weld in proximity of flammable materials if forced to weld outside of tarped area. And, than number of fire watchmen must be increased.

It is important to realize that fire hazard mitigations cost money. If we must weld outside of tarped area, we not only have to protect your machines with fire blankets and tarps but also we have to protect your employees against welding flashes.

This protection increases the cost of portable welding.

Power supply to our portable Tig welding and Mig welding machines

As mention above, we must connect these medium portable welding machines to the client’s electrical outlets, except self-propelled versions. Again we use single phase 220V outlets popular in most facilities. The power supply to our portable machines impacts our welding technology, our efficiency and operation of your machines. Any problems with power supply on your premises reduces our efficiency dramatically. Also, our large grinders require separate access to power since they operate at 110V but they operate best at 20A or even 30A. Therefore in interest of both parties, we suggest to inspect the current’s load prior our visit.

With this in mind, I would like to mention that we have most of the adapters for your receptacles of 220V single phase or triple phase. However, if we notice that some of your receptacles are damaged, we will not plug our machine there. Therefore please check the 220V receptacles prior our arrival. Also, sending pictures of receptacles relatively closed to the welding spot is a good idea. Certainly, from time to time, we find old receptacles that we do not have a plug for.

We have about 160 feet of a very large size extension cords to our portable welders and about 8 most popular plug adapters. These heavy extension cords allow our machines to operate smoothly when we operate our welding machines according to their capabilities. Our extension cords could form a tripping hazard even when we try to hide them as much as we can. So, please pay attention when walking in our proximity.

Safety of your employees

Our portable welders and associated portable welding equipment arrive to the jobsite in plastic containers for easy moving using dollies. We bring on site very interesting equipment and tools that aide in our welding. Having this in mind, we understand your employees curiosity trying to look up some of our tools.

Unfortunately, we disallow any touching of our welding machines. Same rule applies to our other welding equipment and our welding consumables. In fact it applies to  everything what is in our containers. Therefore, we would really appreciate leaving us alone without any disturbance during our welding for the best welding results. In effect, our portable welders should focus on their safety and safety of your employees too. Therefore, we also do recommend removing your employees from the room where we weld.

All welding consumables to our portable welders are provided by Linde Canada or Messer Canada.

Time span for portable welder

Our portable welder stays on your premises from a few hours or few days to few weeks. The commercial kitchen projects usually do not last long. However, more advanced open web steel joist reinforcement , cast welding, or custom weldment fabrication could last a couple of days or weeks. The longest lasting are on-site fabrication with portable welder setup. These on-site custom fabrications of weldments performed on your facilities could last a few weeks. On the picture below you can see the longest on-site fabrication that lasted almost 4 weeks.

The fabrication of the steel support for this aluminum mold cast and aluminum mold repairs took us 4 weeks. These 4 weeks we spent of client's premises. JW Portable Welding, London, Ontario, 2018
The fabrication of the steel support for this aluminum mold cast and aluminum mold repairs took us 4 weeks. These 4 weeks we spent of client’s premises. JW Portable Welding, London, Ontario, 2018

More importantly, with this setup we have accomplished our 2020 Flagship project

Self-propelled and portable welding machines

The self-propelled, and portable welding machines are very useful for welding on top floors of apartment buildings under construction, in large and tall warehouses, and on the roofs of apartment buildings. In these conditions  only 120 V with 15A power is available and this current parameters are not sufficient for a high quality weld. These relatively small self propelled welding machines are still unloaded from our trailer by hand but we do not have to plug them to your power outlet.

They are very useful when portable welder must travel on foot from one welding spot to another. Since these welding machines are on large wheels they can be relocated easily. We pull them like a vacuum cleaner through very narrow spaces, which eliminates dragging heavy welding leads.

We also use them for welding on top of large size vessels popular in chemical industries. Moreover, we use them in areas not accessible by our trailers and with no electricity. Surely, our self-propelled portable welding machines are an asset.

Welder pulls a small portable and self-propelled welding machine like a vacuum cleaner through a narrow entrance on high rise apartment top floor . By JW Portable Welding & Repair, London, Ontario, 2020
Welder pulls a small portable and self-propelled welding machine like a vacuum cleaner through a narrow entrance on high rise apartment top floor. By JW Portable Welding & Repair, London, Ontario, 2020

Tig (GTAW) portable welders – Tig welding machines

GTAW portable welders are the best to repair welding defects such as  undercut weld and porosity. However, they do not work very well for correcting pinholes.

Specifically, we operate portable welders for Tig welding stainless and aluminum. Our air cooled Tig guns are excellent for short and small welding jobs in restaurants and kitchens.

A typical setup of small welder for detail stainless steel welding in commercial kitchen. By JW Portable Welding & Repair, London, Ontario, 2020
A typical setup of small Tig portable welder for detail stainless steel welding in commercial kitchen. By JW Portable Welding & Repair, London, Ontario, 2020

However, for welding cast aluminum we use much more powerful (GTAW) Tig welding machines equipped with  variety of water cooled GTAW guns since they provide much better working temperature efficiency. Tig welding aluminum requires higher amperage with larger tungsten size and therefore the tig guns must be bigger. The precision of Tig welding is also very useful for repairing welding defects left by the robot or a welding machine operator. In this way, we can correct variety of welding defects such as undercut weld and porosity.

GMAW, Mig welding portable machines

We also operate with portable Mig welding stainless steel and Mig welding of aluminum setups. The portable welder for Mig welding stainless steel is rather a light and small machine and is very useful in welding in the restaurants. This highly modified Mig welding machine has been recently added to our services to accomplish a challenging task of welding cracks in stainless steel sink.

The portable Mig welding aluminum is a much larger machine for portable standards with a 25 feet or 50 feet spool gun. The heavy duty spool gun allows to weld aluminum material up to 1″ thick. This welding machine successfully welds aluminum molds up to 3/4 inch thick.

Small stick portable welder

Our stick portable welder is a very small and portable welding machine. It that has helped many clients in in most difficult situations. We can plug this machine to 110V  15A and by using a very thin rods we can accomplish welds in places where there is no access to 220V.  And our mobile units can not be used for variety of reasons. This machine however, can not provide stick aluminum welding since the aluminum rods of smaller sizes are not rigid enough for comfortable welding.